Sleep Beneath The Stars At Olakira Migration Camp

By Asilia Africa | 13 August 2021

Our stunning stargazing beds 

Olakira's tents have been perfectly designed so that a portion of the tent boasts a 270-degree view from beneath a meshed net, offering you an outdoor sleeping experience whilst remaining indoors.

With the galaxies glittering above you while you dream about the day’s adventures — it truly is an experience that you don’t want to miss out on.

Olakira’s stargazing tents allow you the flexibility for our friendly staff to roll your bed out into the meshed area for a night underneath the stars and back into the main sleeping area during the day. Turning the stargazing space into a viewing deck and lounge for the daytime, allowing for game-viewing from your own private space.

Private lounge for viewing at Olakira Migration Camp Asilia

Olakira Migration Camp

Olakira is known for its superb locations during the Great Migration, moving twice a year to follow the herds, ensuring a front-row seat to nature’s greatest spectacle.

From December to March, Olakira calls the southern Serengeti home, where herds of wildebeest calve simultaneously and the plains throng with new life. As the dry days of winter arrive, Olakira relocates up north to the confluence of the Mara and Bolongonja rivers for spectacular game viewing and the bucket list event of the wildebeest river crossings at the Mara River.

What is there to do at Olakira Migration Camp?

There is a lot to do and see when spending time with us at Olakira. Of course, your main focus will most likely be to catch the herds so you’ll be happy to know that there are two game drives a day at camp.

The Great Migration crossing the Mara River nearby Olakira migration camp

The very best time for rewarding game viewing is in the cooler early mornings and late afternoons when the animals are at their most active. Depending on the season, your day may start slightly earlier or later, but the general pace of life in camp is focused on giving you the very best possible game-viewing experience! If you’re keen on being out in the bush all day, that’s not a problem at all. For a day of uninterrupted game viewing, your guide can organise a packed breakfast or lunch to take with you to enjoy under the shade of the trees. Back at camp, dinner can also be arranged out in the bush for an unforgettable dining experience under the African night sky.

If you’re up for a bit more of an adventure, a hot-air balloon safari is a popular activity for guests who stay with us at Olakira. It offers you an even more epic view of the herds from high above — taking in the hundreds of miles of land and wildlife.

When in northern Serengeti (June to November), Olakira is situated close to several villages and communities on the outskirts of the Serengeti. Spend a morning or afternoon visiting one of the schools or the marketplace and learn a little more about the culture of the local Kuria people.

We cannot wait to see you under the Milkyway. 



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