Super mom Mama Sita and her six cheetah cubs

By Asilia Africa | 26 August 2020

Meet the super mum cheetah of the Serengeti. Known as Mamma Sita by the guides because she almost always has litters of six, this amazing cheetah defies all the odds and manages to raise the majority of her cubs to adulthood. This is a staggering achievement when only 5 percent of cheetah cubs will survive beyond 18 months of age.

Not only is Mamma Sita an incredibly successful mother but rather amazingly, she has adopted the cub of another female cheetah. This cub just appeared when her litter was only about 3 months old and she began to feed and care for it, bringing the cub into her family, saving its life.

Asilia guide Manja says that a predator likely sought out the cub's family, and this cub likely ran away in self-defence before Mama Sita took it under her wing.

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