The Last Refuge for Lions

By Wandering Maasai | 18 October 2016

By Claudia Smargiasso

Ask any safari traveller which animal they’re most hoping to glimpse while on safari, and you’re likely to hear lion more often than not. These lithe and majestic cats make for really jaw-dropping sightings in the wild, and while they’re known as mighty hunters, their existence and population numbers are in a delicate state.

Not as widespread as one would have expected from such beasts as fearsome as lions who have vanished from more than 80% of their historic range. These shocking statistics have been succinctly summarised and displayed on the below map.

The range and habitat of African lions.

Luckily, East Africa still remains a foothold for lion populations, in large part due to the rigorous conservation efforts occurring here. Areas such as Ruahawhich is home to Kwihala Camp, as well as our newest camp opening in September 2017, Jabali Ridge, are remote and far off the well-worn safari track, meaning the lions here can thrive, free from human pressures, while well-known safari parks like the Serengeti and Masai Mara offer a protected sanctuary for lions to roam free.

Read more about Ruaha here and find out what makes this area so special.

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