Things You Need To Know About The Highlands – A Ngorongoro Safari Experience

By Anwynn Louw | 02 September 2019

Part of the Serengeti ecosystem, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) joins up with Serengeti National Park and the southern Serengeti Plains in the northwest. This region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for the iconic Ngorongoro Crater – the world’s largest inactive, intact and unfilled volcanic caldera. The region is also home to our camp,The Highlands.


At the award-winning Highlands camp, we use state-of-the-art technology to minimise our ecological footprint. This includes a full solar plant and rainwater collection system. In addition, our supply runs are minimised to once a month to reduce our carbon emissions, and any unavoidable carbon emissions are offset through Carbon Tanzania. Asilia is the second-largest contributor to this scheme in the country, something we are proud of.

Due to its uniqueness, staying at The Highlands means you will need to be aware of certain things in order to ensure you are 100% ready for your Ngorongoro safari. Read on to find out what you need to know when planning a stay at The Highlands.

The Highlands Layout

Each of the eight elegant 38.5 sqm dome tents offers spacious beds with floor-to-canvas-ceiling windows showing off the spectacular views of the area, en-suite bathrooms with flushing toilets, hot running water, and showers.All domed suites are equipped with wood-burning fireplaces to keep your room warm and comfortable at night, when temperatures can drop to 47ºF–54ºF/8ºC–12ºC. The team willalways make sure you have a hot water bottle and enough blankets to keep you snuggled up and warm throughout the night.

The tents are approximately 30m apart, allowing you to enjoy your dome and surrounds in total privacy from your neighbours.

The property is set in an exclusive location far from other camps in the area. The Highlands boasts the highest-altitude in the region, allowing you to enjoy impressive views stretching as far as the eye can see. The Ngorongoro Crater is approximately 1.5 hour’s drive from camp. Enjoy this scenic drive with a qualified guide and explore the vast 300km area.

High Altitude

Due to the elevation of the camp, which is approximately 8000 ft above sea level, you can experience a lack of oxygen, which causes an increase in breathing rate and depth. Mild altitude sickness is common above 8000ft and can often be experienced when people who are not used to high altitudes.


The Ngorongoro Conservation Area has a mild, moderate climate, but at night temperatures can drop to –1˚C (30˚F). The crater stays cool during the day, but the crater rim gets so cold it can freeze at night. Warm clothing for early morning game drives is essential.

Whatever the season, rainfall typically is experienced in the form of afternoon showers and thunder – it is unusual for it to rain continuously throughout the day.

Climate summary:

  • Dry season:June to October
  • Peak of wet season:FebruarytoApril
  • Max. temp. range during the day:26ºC–29ºC / 79ºF–84ºF
  • Min. temp. range during the evenings:8ºC–12ºC / 47ºF–54ºF

Big 5

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is known as the jewel of Tanzania, and for good reason. This region is home to over 25000 animal species and a variety of birdlife. With this said, the Big 5 can also be seen in this region!

Boasting a large number of elephant and buffalo herds, and big cats such as lions and cheetah, the area offers high adventure game drives. To maximise your time in this unforgettable landscape, stop for a scrumptious bush lunch in a shady spot under the trees. Our seven-seater closed vehicles are fitted with power points so you can recharge your devices, as well as a fridge to keep your drinks refreshingly frosty.

Asilia Adventures from The Highlands: From Ngorongoro to The Serengeti On Foot
Closest Airstrip

The nearest airstrip to The Highlands isLake Manyara, which is roughly 3 – 3½ hours away from the camp.

Asilia Adventuresare a collection of specially designed mini expeditions offering intrepid travellers something unique, immersive and rich in experience as part of their trip to East Africa. If you are planning a stay at The Highlands and you are looking for an opportunity to step out of your safari vehicle and explore the untrodden grounds of East Africa then this walking expedition is for you! Start from The Highlands and follow in the footsteps of the Maasai, walking right into the heart of the Serengeti.

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