Your favorite wildlife photographers – part 3

By Wandering Maasai | 11 June 2015

We recently asked our fans on Facebook to share with us their most favorite wildlife photographers out there – the response was so overwhelming that we decided to split up the blog posts to feature these awesome artists in all their glory!Thank you to all of our Facebook fans who joined in and sent us their suggestions.

Please enjoy the following pictures from these great photographers;Eliza Deacon, Daniel Dugmore and Gary J Strand

Eliza Deacon

My background as a photographer started in the early 90s working as a picture sub-editor on the London Picture Desk of Reuters News Agency. It was an eventful time to be involved in the news: the first Gulf War had just started, the situation in Somalia was taking a turn for the worst and in England, the Poll Tax Riots were in all the headlines. My four years with Reuters remain some of the very best of my life, working with and learning from some of the best photojournalists in the world.

Eliza Deacon Facebook

Daniel Dugmore

Daniel is an exciting young photographer, born in the south of England and living in Maun, Botswana.Daniel’s passion for photography first appeared after he was bought a little Powershot SX100 IS at the age of 16 on his way to visit his family in Botswana.Surrounded by the beauty of the Kalahari’s exceptional wildlife Daniel developed his unique style that demonstrates his passion for Africas exceptional wildlife and culture.

Daniel Dugmore Facebook

Gary J Strand

Africa is a continent that either beguiles one immediately with a heart wrenching primordial hook, or an experience that puts so many challenges in ones way, that the only course to take is a wide birth for a more ‘civilized’ destination.Fortunately, the Dark Continent not only intrigued me, but left me breathless, a place of dark magic, life threatening excitement and the most perfect place to call home, raise barefoot children and work at what has become a life long passion-safari za Mwituni or in the Queens English- a Journey in the Wilderness.

Gary J Strand Facebook

If you feel that we have left out someone really special please feel free to send us a note or comment on this post and we will be sure to feature your favorites! The followingfew blog posts featuring the next group of photographers will be posted in the next few weeks so keep an eye on our Facebook page and this Blog to see who else has been chosen!


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