Fanjove Island Aerial View Over Island <5Mb
Fanjove Island Aerial View Over Island <5Mb

Fanjove Island, SongoSongo Archipelago

Fanjove Island, SongoSongo Archipelago

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Fanjove Island, SongoSongo Archipelago, Tanzania


Fanjove Island is 140km from Dar es Salaam, south of Mafia Archipelago and at less than 1 kilometer long and with only six bandas, it offers guests an exclusive private island experience away from the crowds.

After a short flight from Dar es Salaam to SongoSongo island, guests will be picked up by boat to complete the journey to Fanjove, where your shoes will be instantly discarded to feel the warmth of the sand between your toes.

The island was previously uninhabited, save for some local fishermen, who used it as an occasional fishing base. This is the first time tourists have been able to stay and explore its beautiful beaches, coastline, and wildlife. The island is home to thousands of sea birds, nesting turtles, and coconut crabs. Guests can explore the area with sandbank picnics, kayaking around the island, snorkelling, and diving virgin coral reefs, and of course there is always the choice to simply relax with a book on a beach lounger.


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