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Fanjove Island Experience

Wake up to the stunning beach vista through the A-Frame of your makuti thatched banda; pure white sand, your own private cabana and beyond, the lapping warm waves of the Indian Ocean. Walk along the shoreline to reach breakfast, which benefits from both uninterrupted sea views and the 19th century lighthouse which watches over the island

The day is yours, and no doubt after a few days on safari, there is no better way to unwind from long drives and early starts than by picking your favourite spot under a makuti umbrella with the last coffee from breakfast and enjoy the newly released page-turner. However, the more energetic of you may want to organise a few activities and Fanjove has plenty to keep even the most active guest busy. Perhaps go for a dive or snorkel and treat your eyes to a rainbow of colour and texture in the pristine underwater paradise, maybe even be lucky enough to swim with a pod of dolphins before anchoring on a deserted sandbar for a swim in the shallows with a cool drink while the Fanjove team grills some fresh fish over the BBQ. Return home for an afternoon kayak around the island before hopping on the dhow for a sunset sail. Return home, in time to change clothes, for a fusion feast under the stars and later go to bed to the sound of the swaying palm trees.

Fanjove Island Diving Experience



Six discreet, eco-friendly private bandas are set along the sandy shore in complete harmony with the environment. The bandas are A-framed, shaped to resemble a Dhow sail, reflecting the local traditional sailing boats which may break the endless horizons as you gaze out to sea.

Each banda is open at the front to capitalise on the uninterrupted ocean views, which can be enjoyed from the upstairs balcony. The whole property has been designed to minimize its environmental footprint. Solar power is employed for all the rooms, and the buildings use traditional, natural materials. Simple, stylish and comfortable, and completely in keeping with the unpretentious Fanjove vibe.


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