6. Dining At Gibb's Farm (11)
6. Dining At Gibb's Farm (11)

Camp Experience

Camp Experience

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Gibb's Farm Experience

A short stay at Gibbs Farm is not without plenty to explore and discover.

Take a leisurely stroll through the English-style gardens, teeming with tropical beauties. Soak up the stunning beauty of the surrounding forests rolling down the slopes of the crater and the impressive ridge of the Great Rift Valley.  

Sit out on the creeper-clad terrace and enjoy home-made pastries and cakes at high tea. Or simply be lulled by the sounds of everyday farm life – donkey carts creaking and rattling on uneven roads, accompanied by the whistling of a farmer making his way home.  

Meals at Gibb’s Farm are wholesome and fresh. Your plate is guaranteed to be a celebration of colour. Freshly picked organic vegetables and herbs from the garden accompany cuts of home-reared meat. Bread piping hot from the oven is served with hearty home-made soups. This is just a glimpse of the healthy, holistic approach to life that may be experienced on the farm.  


The 17 rustic cottages are a delightful addition to the main farmhouse. Surrounded by eucalyptus-wood floors, handcrafted furniture and original artworks produced by the artist-in-residence programme, guests will feel right at home. Each cottage has a comfortable queen-sized bed and en suite bathroom with both indoor and outdoor shower. A living area contains a fireplace and comfortable seating. Outside, you’ll find a veranda overlooking lush gardens — the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee and take in the tranquillity.  

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