3. Kimondo Camp Bedroom View
3. Kimondo Camp Bedroom View

Kimondo Migration Camp

Kimondo Migration Camp

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Our Migration Camps: Ubuntu and Olakira

Kimondo is no longer available

Since late 2021, Kimondo has been superseded by our two much-loved tented migration camps: Ubuntu and Olakira.  Similar to Kimondo, Ubuntu and Olakira each move during the year between two outstanding sites in the north and south of the Serengeti. This means that guests who choose Ubuntu or Olakira are likely to see the Great Migration herds regardless of when they visit.

At the beginning of the year, the wildebeest gather to calve, which brings both an abundance of vulnerable young calves as well as dramatic scenes as big cats gather on the hunt. 

From June until the end of the year, the herds move westerly and then northwards up through Tanzania's Serengeti and into Kenya's Masai Mara, enduring tense and exciting river crossings along the way.

  • Ubuntu lies in the south from mid-November to mid-March. It sets up in the north from mid-June to October.
  • Olakira is situated in the south from December to March, before moving north from June to mid-November.

Learn more about Ubuntu Migration Camp here.


Learn more about Olakira Migration Camp here.

eBook Guide to the Great Migration

In addition to our mobile migration camps, we have a range of tented camps and lodges around the entire Great Migration route in the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem. Travel on a once-in-a-lifetime Great Migration safari at any time of year and stay in our comfortable, elegant accommodation with the wildlife on your doorstep.
Learn everything you need to know about planning the ultimate Great Migration Safari in our eBook guide.  Inside the guide you'll find: a month-by-month summary; a detailed map of how the migration moves; a selection of the best places to stay on safari; and expert tips for an unforgettable safari.
eBook Guide to the Great Migration

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