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Things to Do at Namiri Plains

The grasslands around Namiri are vast and unspoilt, thanks to the time they spent off-limits to tourists. Whether you choose to explore the surrounding Serengeti on foot or by air, or if you prefer to spend some time relaxing in camp, there is plenty on offer at Namiri Plains.

Game drives 

There are two game drives each day: one first thing in the morning, the other in the late afternoon. With our expert guides, spot the area’s big cats lions or cheetahs and sometimes the elusive leopard. Between May and October, the big wildebeest herds also pass through for migration

Walking safaris 

One of the most exciting ways to explore the Serengeti is on foot. When you step down from the vehicle, appreciate all the small things that you miss on a game drive. Identify butterflies, ants, termites and dung beetles or get closer to birds when they’re not startled by the engine noise. A great opportunity to learn about how the whole Serengeti ecosystem works. 

History of the region

There’s ancient history to be discovered on the plains around Namiri Plains. Visit a nearby fossilised giraffe skull and contemplate how long ago these animals roamed the Serengeti. If you’re keen to find out more, page through the fossil literature in the library or have a look at the information displayed around the bar area. 

Information centre 

Learn more about this area of the Serengeti in our information centre, where you’ll find relevant, carefully selected books, maps and artefacts. 

Cheetah research 

A unique opportunity to spend an informative evening with Namiri Plains’ resident cheetah researcher while donating to the incredible Serengeti Cheetah Project. The Serengeti Cheetah Project has operated for over 30 years and is part of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). This dedicated project monitors and studies fluctuations in birth and survival rates of cheetahs, which leads to predicting the future of cheetah numbers in other parts of their range, as well as providing valuable insight into the challenges facing cheetah, recognising solutions to reduce these conflicts, hopefully resulting in the conservation of this elegant species.
During the evening, guests will gain an in-depth understanding of these endangered cats and can show their photos taken on safari around Namiri Plains. The researcher can identify the cheetahs just by their unique spot patterns on their flanks and share the cats’ stories with the guests.

Hot-air balloon rides 

Take in the Serengeti from a bird’s-eye view as you soar over the plains in a hot-air balloon. This is a breathtaking way to see the full scope of the wildebeest herds. Hot-air balloon trips are at extra cost and are weather dependent. Advance booking is essential. 

Photographic safaris 

Namiri Plains is home to one of our specially modified photographic vehicles. The open vehicle allows keen amateurs and professional photographers alike to shoot at eye level with wildlife. It is equipped with all the gear to ensure award-winning shots — from beanbags and camera rests to 360° swivel seats. You can read more about the vehicle here. Please enquire to ensure availability of the vehicle and confirm any additional fees. 

Asilia Spa 

Visit the spa for a well-deserved indulgence after a long flight or overland journey. Treatments can also be organised en suite.

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