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When to Travel to Roho ya Selous

Nyerere National Park is a brilliant park to visit throughout the year. For the best wildlife viewing, visit between June and October’s dry season. For water-based activities, come from November to March when the rains have filled the rivers. Roho ya Selous is closed for the long rains that fall from March until the end of May.

Why travel at this time

This period is great for boating and fishing, as the rains have recently flooded the rivers. It’s also ideal for birding, with migratory species in the park, and for photography, with lush landscapes and dramatic sunsets and sunrises. Roho ya Selous closes from mid-March, when the park becomes tricky to traverse.


It rains a little in January and February, though not consistently, with the long rains beginning in March. It’s hot and humid, with an average maximum temperature of 30°C/86°F and an average low of 22°C/72°F.

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