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When to Travel to The Highlands

Ngorongoro is a year-round safari destination, but we think the best time to visit is May to avoid crowds. July and August are when the Ngorongoro receives the most tourists. There is a fairly big difference in climate between the Ngorongoro Crater and the surrounding Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The crater is much colder than the NCA due to its higher altitude. Allow a drop of around 7°C per 1,000 metres (3.5°F per 1,000 feet). It also rains more around the crater rim and night-time temperatures can dip down to freezing, so pack lots of layers.

Why travel at this time

January and February see a gap in rains between the wet seasons, though it’s difficult to predict exactly when this will fall. The migratory birds are in the NCA during these months. There are fewer tourists than in July and August (though, it can still feel busy).


The long rains begin in March, though there will still be showers in January and February. The average temperature high in the NCA is 25°C/77°F with average lows around 13°C/55°F.

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