Tanzania Positive Impact
Tanzania Positive Impact

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Projects in Tanzania

By making bold, and often pioneering, investments into ecologically and economically vulnerable regions, we aim to turn these areas into viable conservation economies, benefitting both the local communities as well as the environment.

We acknowledge that people and nature are inseparable partners, so we work closely with communities, authorities, NGOs and industry partners to achieve the best possible long-term outcomes for all concerned. With the help of our guests, who contribute a levy of US$5 for each night they stay with us, we’re able to make the most significant positive impact toward our goal of empowering these areas, including the communities and wildlife that call them home.

K9 Dog Tracking Unit (1)

K9 Unit

Honeyguide’s K9 Unit is the only unit of its kind in the field of anti-poaching in Tanzania. Specially trained dogs are used to track and capture poachers in several regions across Tanzania. As a result of this, the poaching of elephants has been dramatically reduced.

17. Alpha Male Chimp Rubondo Forest

Chimpanzee Habituation Project

The unique Chimpanzee Habituation Project on Rubondo Island focuses on introducing the current group of chimpanzees to the presence of humans, as well as monitoring, conserving and protecting the chimps and their habitat.

Eastern Serengeti Livestock Encroachment Unit (1)

Eastern Serengeti Livestock Encroachment Unit

The Eastern Serengeti Livestock Encroachment Unit aims to protect vital wilderness areas and create sustainable practices to ensure these areas are continuously monitored and cared for.

Serengeti Cheetah Project (1)

Serengeti Cheetah Project

The Serengeti Cheetah Project monitors changes in birth and survival rates of cheetahs. With approximately 210 cheetahs in the Serengeti ecosystem, this research provides invaluable insight into the challenges facing their populations and aims to help make conservation of these wild cats easier.

Southern Tanzania Elephant Project

Southern Tanzania Elephant Project

The Southern Tanzania Elephant Project is an elephant conservation programme that aims to protect elephants and enhance human-elephant coexistence. The project works towards long-term security for both the communities and elephants of the region.

Simanjiro Easement Project (1)

Simanjiro Easement Project

Critical grazing areas for wildlife are quickly disappearing in Tarangire which has resulted in a severe decline in wildlife numbers and an increase in pressures on Maasai livelihoods and cultural practices. The Simanjiro Easement Project aims to establish community-owned and -led conservation and grazing areas.

Tarangire Lion Project (1)

Tarangire Lion Project

The Tarangire-Manyara ecosystem harbours one of the major lion populations remaining in Africa. The Tarangire Lion Project collects vital information on the ecology and demography of these lions, as well as providing insights into human and lion interaction, to find suitable opportunities for lion conservation.

Mara Predator Conservation Programme (1)

Ngorongoro Human-Wildlife Conflict Project

The Ngorongoro Human-Wildlife Conflict Project aims to reduce livestock predation by carnivores and the retaliatory killing of carnivores. The team researches and documents local pastoralist knowledge regarding human-carnivore conflict and incorporates it into a recently developed human-carnivore conflict toolkit.

Lionscape Coalition

Lionscape Coalition

The Lionscape Coalition is a new initiative of the Lion Recovery Fund. It enables Africa’s top tourism operators to take action in the recovery of lion populations and their landscapes through the support of on-the-ground conservation efforts, as well as encouraging guests to support the protection of lions.

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