Cultural Experiences, East Africa

No visit to East Africa is complete without exploring the diverse cultures and traditions of the people of this region. It has an extensive fossil record of human evolution, and today’s East Africa is a rich tapestry of the constantly changing and mingling cultures that have lived here through the ages.

At Asilia, we are fortunate to be able to welcome you to some of the most special places on earth. Places of astounding natural beauty, teeming with wildlife and full of cultural significance. It is astonishing to realise that Tanzania has over 120 tribes, most with their own traditions, culture and language or dialect, and Kenya has 40. While people in both countries embrace the 21st century, they also treasure the cultural heritage that defines their identity. Exploring these fascinating cultures helps to give you a true understanding of these precious places, as well as of the challenges they face.

120 + 40

Number of tribes in Tanzania and Kenya respectively

1 526 512KM²

Area of Tanzania and Kenya together


Number of languages spoken in East Africa

Asilia’s Commitment


The need to set aside vast tracts of pristine land as wilderness conservation areas seems obvious. What many don’t realise, though, is that humans also have been an integral part of this landscape since time immemorial. In our modern-day zeal to protect these African Edens, we have excluded many traditional semi-nomadic people who lived in and on this land for centuries. It is a policy that could doom conservation areas to failure, as poverty-stricken local communities compete for resources.

Ultimately, bringing sustainable tourism to new areas can transform them into viable and lasting conservation-based economies, while maintaining locals’ sense of identity.

Village Visits


We pride ourselves on taking a pioneering approach: setting up camps and lodges in areas where tourism has little foothold and making long-term commitments to allow these places and the people who live in them to thrive. During visits to the villages, you’ll be exposed to real, authentic East African cultural experiences. Try your hand at herding cattle, barter for goods in a local soko (market), interact with school children and settle down to listen to fascinating stories told by the village old-timers.

Most of our guides are drawn from local communities. They relish the chance to show you their homesteads, their family and friends, traditions and practices. These are not commercial tours to cultural centres – they are a genuine expression of warmth and hospitality. The guide manages your visit with sensitivity to ensure it remains both unobtrusive and genuine.

You will find that meeting the people of the area one-on-one is deeply personal and moving. Your visit is important to these communities, too – it is just one step in helping us to create successful conservation economies.

Communities Count


Many of our camps support vegetable-growing schemes, and you can pop into the village to select and pick organic produce for your next meal.

If your timing is right, you may be able to observe or even take part in traditional rituals and ceremonial dances – a vibrant part of village life. The famous jumping dance is just one of the traditional dance ceremonies the Maasai perform.

Children also really enjoy visit a nearby community or school to learn about the customs of East Africa, make pen-pals and buy local handicrafts. Education is really important to us, and your visits play a big role in helping these communities and projects.

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Best camps for Cultural Experiences

  • Encounter Mara
    Encounter Mara

    An award-winning camp in the Mara Naboisho Conservancy.

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  • The Highlands
    The Highlands

    Immerse yourself in the stunning Ngorongoro Crater highlands of the NCA.

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  • Rubondo Island Camp
    Rubondo Island Camp

    Discover a unique island wilderness.

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  • Oliver’s Camp
    Oliver’s Camp

    Explore the remote wilderness of Tarangire.

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  • Matemwe Beach House
    Matemwe Beach House

    A private slice of the Zanzibari coastline.

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  • Matemwe Lodge
    Matemwe Lodge

    Relax & unwind or dive the depths of the Indian Ocean.

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  • Matemwe Retreat
    Matemwe Retreat

    Enjoy your own private tropical escape.

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  • Ol Pejeta Bush Camp
    Ol Pejeta Bush Camp

    Discover pioneering conservation projects in action.

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  • Little Oliver’s Camp
    Little Oliver’s Camp

    An exclusive & intimate base in Tarangire.

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  • Kimondo Camp
    Kimondo Camp

    Track the herds of the Great Migration from North to South.

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  • Ubuntu Camp
    Ubuntu Camp

    Follow the vast herds of wildebeest as they cross the Serengeti.

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  • Olakira Camp
    Olakira Camp

    Live, breathe & feel the Great Migration.

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  • Rekero Camp
    Rekero Camp

    Enjoy an unsurpassed Masai Mara experience.

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  • Sayari Camp
    Sayari Camp

    Spectacular game viewing on the northern Serengeti’s unspoilt plains.

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  • Mara Bush Houses
    Mara Bush Houses

    Personally design your own safari itinerary in the Mara.

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  • Naboisho Camp
    Naboisho Camp

    Safari in sheer exclusivity at Naboisho.

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  • Dunia Camp
    Dunia Camp

    Explore the heart of the Serengeti.

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  • Namiri Plains
    Namiri Plains

    Game drive and walk in exceptional big cat territory.

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Cultural Experience Itineraries:

  • Walking, Great Plains & Great Apes
    Walking, Great Plains & Great Apes

    An unforgettable experience.

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  • Mount Kenya & Masai Mara on foot
    Mount Kenya & Masai Mara on foot

    For the adventurous.

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