Experience a new way of viewing game on safari in Tanzania by taking a boat trip either on the rivers in the south of Tanzania, or on the calm Lake Victoria in the north.

In southern Tanzania, explore the intricate waterways that run through Selous, Africa’s largest game reserve. Aboard a carefully modified boat, guests can explore the wilderness like never before. Watch hippo and crocodile going about their day, soaking in the cool waters or basking in the sun.  

While floating beneath overhanging bushes bursting with birdlifeyou may spot intricately woven weaver’s nests and flashes of dazzling colour as birds dart in and out. Cast a line to try your luck fishing, or simply sit back in the comfort of your chair and gaze through your binoculars at the many waterbirds that inhabit the lakes and rivers. Edge around families of elephant and herds of zebra as they come to the river to drink.  

End the excursion moored on a secluded sandbank and enjoy a sundowner while watching kingfishers dart into the glassy surface of the lake to catch their evening meal. 

Far north on the opposite side of Tanzania lies another opportunity for a boating safari, at the ultimate island escape of Rubondo. Here, nature and tranquillity meet at the water’s edge on Africa’s largest and most iconic lake.

On a boat safari from Rubondo, Lake Victoria’s most fascinating island, you can cast a line into the depths of the lake where vast population of freshwater fish reside, while keeping a look out for crocodile, hippo and spotted-neck otter. Or stay closer to the shoreline and enjoy a tranquil trip around the island, admiring stunning forests where playful chimpanzee pass their days in the canopies or lounging in the undergrowth.

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