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Africa Cultural visits

No visit to East Africa is complete without exploring the diverse cultures and traditions of the people of this region. The area has an extensive fossil record of human evolution, and today’s East Africa is a rich tapestry of the constantly changing and mingling cultures that have lived here through the ages.

A stay at any of our Asilia camps or lodges opens the door to the culturally rich world of the local people. Settle down for a cup of coffee with your guide and learn about their home and customs. Many of our staff members will be happy to discuss the local traditions, some of which have evolved to accommodate a changing world and others that have remained the same for generations. 

Take a step into the world of the Maasai  one of more than 100 tribes living in Kenya and Tanzania — by visiting a remote village on the slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater. Learn about their way of life, centred around the importance of community and coexistence with nature. Jump at the chance for your child to connect with a young Maasai peer, making a football from recycled materials and sharing a game together, bridging the divide between different languages and lands.  

Or opt to visit a local school and watch young leaders of tomorrow enjoy education in their mother languages. We encourage you to get involved in making a difference in our communities by supporting one of Asilia’s many initiatives promoting education, health or sustainable agriculture. 

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