East Africa offers some fantastic fishing, whether freshwater fishing in Kenya and Tanzania, or deep-sea fishing off the Swahili coast and Zanzibar.

For the keen fisher, head out on Tanzania's longest river, the Rufiji, for your chance to catch a most-sought-after trophy: the tiger fish, with its razor-sharp teeth and muscular body. Discover the best spots with your fishing guidewho has spent his childhood fishing by hand. In order to preserve the population and allow the next fisher a chance at success, catch-and-release is the order of the day. Fishing in the Selous is not only for the skilled spinner, but for anyone who wants to learn about different species of fish and the best techniques to hook them.  

For a more peaceful fishing expedition, head to Rubondo Island in the north-western corner of Tanzania for another unmissable fishing destination. Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and is home to an abundance of Nile perch and tilapia. Glide along peacefully in your own private boat with a seasoned captain and knowledgeable fishing guide. Enjoy a refreshing drink and watch as the water birds roost for the night against a backdrop of the sun setting over the water.  

For fly-fishing, Kenya’s montane lakes and rivers are teeming with colourful trout, leaping from the icy waters ready for your line. Keep an eye out for timid antelope that may peek out from the surrounding forest. These spots require a brisk hike to reach, but the serene mountain setting makes it all worth it. 

Finally, the Swahili coast off Zanzibar is a prime game fishing destination. Marlin, sailfish, yellowfin and dogtooth tuna, large wahoo, king mackerel, dorado, barracuda, and record-breaking giant trevally all put up inexhaustible displays of strength and give enthusiastic anglers a good chance of a personal best. Different charters are available, and boat size, trip length and targeted fish can all be customised to your wishes. 

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