Under the cloak of darkness, beneath the African night sky, fascinating, shy and rare nocturnal wildlife is revealed.

A safari night drive is a thrilling and enlightening adventure, offering a unique layer of excitement. With limited vision, your remaining senses are piqued, cloaked as you are in the pitch-black night. Your guide uses a powerful spotlight, sweeping the beam over the surrounding bush, searching for the glint of an eye in the darkness.

Africa’s nocturnal wildlife is rare and elusive. Spotting them on a safari night drive is a treat. As they stare back at you, illuminated in the red-filtered light, the experience is eerily different to a daytime sighting. In cooler conditions at night, lion, leopard, hyena, wild dog, and other smaller carnivores become active. As do the nocturnal species which are so special to see. There is unquestionably an air of excitement when on a safari night drive.

As you explore the darkness, you can encounter silent owls, nightjars, chameleons, and bush babies. On occasion, you may be lucky enough to witness an owl stealthily swooping down on its prey out of the darkness.

Without any light pollution, the East African night skies are entrancing and captivating. Your guide will show you the various galaxies, creating an exciting, informative, and educational expedition. A safari night drive is an experience that everyone should enjoy.

Where to go on a Safari Night Drive

At Asilia, we constantly strive to elevate your exclusive safari experience by providing an array of enriching activities and adventures. You can now enjoy our highly sought-after night safari drives at Oliver’s Camp, Jabali Ridge and Private House, Usangu Expedition Camp, Ol Pejeta Bush Camp, Naboisho, and Encounter Mara. These exhilarating night safari drives offer a unique opportunity to observe rare and elusive wildlife. It's a magical sensation to venture into the still African night and simply soak up the sounds of the bush. To join us on our unforgettable night safari drives, speak to one of our knowledgeable Asilia safari planners.

To include our exciting safari night drives in your itinerary, chat with our Asilia safari experts, who will help curate your adventures and include this sensational activity.

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