Night drives offer a thrilling new way to experience the bush. Under the cover of dark, the savannah changes and a whole new world of nocturnal creatures appears.

Enjoy a night game drive with one of Asilia’s expert guides. As your eyes adjust to the lack of light, your safari guide will use a spotlight to pick out lurking animals that roam in the night. Look out for the beam reflecting off the eyes of wildlife like porcupines, striped hyena or one of the elusive smaller cats.  

Many predators that spend the daylight resting come out in the dark of night. The sleek genet searches for dinner, competing with serval and African wildcat while the fearless honey badger also sets out to hunt its next meal. The leopard rules the territory, stealthily stalking and ambushing unsuspecting antelope. The lion wakes from its day spent napping in the sun and night birds come to life, swooping acrobatically and making use of reflective markings to confuse prey.  

The night does not only belong to the hunter though. Elephants enjoy the cool, interrupting their constant grazing with sleep, nudging each other awake when danger appears. 

And of course, there is the spectacular night sky overhead. With Asilia’s vehicles’ uniquely designed roll-back roofs, guests enjoy a clear view of the stars. Your guide will point out the constellations of the southern hemisphere and teach you how to find celestial bearings. If headed out during the full moon, its bright light affords an unparalleled view of the savannah. 

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