Photography 1000X600
Photography 1000X600

African Photo Safaris

Asilia’s passionate guides go above and beyond to ensure photographers capture unforgettable wildlife moments from the comfort and versatility of specially designed vehicles.  

Some inspiration to feast your eyes on

The sensational sights of East Africa will live on in your heart long after you've travelled, but immortalising those experiences in a photograph means you can take a tiny sliver of Africa home with you to show your friends and family.

Check out some of this incredible photography on safari, taken by visitors to our camps. 

Asilia’s Photographic Safari Vehicles

An African photo safari is about how easily you can access jaw-dropping wildlife action in stunning locations. Asilia’s specially designed and equipped photo expedition vehicles, for three people only, provide passionate photographers and less skilled enthusiasts with all the essential features. Beanbags, foam camera support props, and battery charging ports are always available. 

Seats that rotate through three hundred and sixty degrees, and the ability to drop down the sides for low angles and improved views all enhance the photographic experience. Being able to simply pivot into the perfect position with adequate room for your lens support, allows for improved opportunities to capture that sought after shot when the action takes place.  

Why go on a Photo Safari with Asilia

Being an avid photographer as well, plus having endless patience and knowing the behaviours of wildlife and the wide variety of birds, your guide makes the entire experience exceptional. After a lifetime of working in the wilds of Africa, they have a sixth sense regarding the animal’s next move, whilst also understanding the importance of vehicle positioning for optimal light.  

The prevailing light is vital, and your guide does everything possible to ensure you are perfectly positioned to snap the most evocative colours. Wildlife is typically more active during the morning and late afternoon periods, making these the favoured times for most photographers. Some of the best animal sightings while on an African photo safari are enjoyed in the early evening when the light of the fabled ‘golden hour’ paints all it touches in a soft and warm glow. Breathtaking African sunsets and Asilia’s famous sundowner cocktails and canapés selection round off another spectacular day.    

African Photo Safari Itineraries

We have carefully curated some African photo safari options to help you start planning your next unforgettable adventure. These exhilarating photo safaris, enjoyed in the comfort of a specially designed vehicle, take you into varied landscapes, home to myriad wildlife species. Without time constraints, you can take photos to your heart’s content. Your Asilia specialist guide, also an avid photographer, knows the habits and movements of the wildlife, getting you up close and personal, and always in the perfect position. Always enthusiastic and personable, Asilia’s guides will ensure you have endless photographic opportunities to capture the magic of Africa’s wildlife on your camera. 

Photography on safari: Month-by-month

When to go where

When it comes to grabbing that epic shot, there's certainly no shortage of subject matter when you're on safari. But some areas offer more in terms of serene landscapes or dramatic scenery, or perhaps sightings of particular species. When and where you choose to travel can impact what there is to photograph. 

Northern Tanzania

Subject: Migration – Calving season on the short grass plains, enormous herds and excellent predator action.

Stay at: Olakira Migration Camp, Ubuntu Migration Camp

Subject: Portrait – Good natural lighting conditions with hot clear days offering bright colour opportunities within cultural villages.

Stay at: The Highlands

Subject: Birding – After the short rains, Tarangire is green and lush, offering phenomenal birding of both resident and migrant species.

Stay at: Oliver’s Camp

Southern Tanzania

Subject: Birding – Frenetic resident and migratory birdlife after the short rains, hot clear days with excellent morning and evening light.

Stay at: Roho ya Selous, Jabali Ridge, Usangu Expedition Camp


Subject: Rhino – Clear skies after the rains allow for excellent photography conditions, capturing rhino against the backdrop of Mount Kenya.

Stay at: Ol Pejeta Bush Camp

Subject: Portrait – Good natural lighting conditions with hot clear days offering bright colour opportunities within cultural villages.

Stay at: Naboisho Camp, Encounter Mara


From the pros

When it comes to photography on safari, who better to share their thoughts than the pros themselves? From tips and tricks to recent experiences and the motivation behind their art - let's hear from some pro photographers who've stayed with us recently: 

Harry Skeggs

Harry is a multiple award-winning fine art photographer and Nikon creator. Having travelled to over 80 countries across 6 continents, Harry's adventuring has offered up plenty of photographic opportunities. 

Read some of his top photography tips on our blog.

Chris Fallows

Chris' aim is to create works of art that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also have meaning and contribute to change. 

Read his post on our blog about his recent trip to the Serengeti with Asilia.

George Benjamin

AKA @GeorgetheExplorer

"Over anything else, my images are designed to instil a sense of responsibility. Our natural world needs us, as a collective, to utilise our self-appointed stewardship in the most positive of ways. It's my sincerest of hopes that in decades to come, young photographers can be photographing the descendants of my subjects."

Ready to begin planning your photographic safari?

Asilia’s knowledgeable and expert team is on standby to help you plan your next spectacular African photographic safari. Space for these captivating journeys is limited due to the popularity of the specialised safari vehicles we provide. Enquire today. 

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