Photography on safari

For photographers, African wildlife and culture remain some of the most iconic subject matter to add to their collection. Our guides are specially trained to place you in the best position for that once-in-a-lifetime shot.

Whether you’re a seasoned photography buff with the very best lenses and gadgets, or a casual phone photographer, you’ll most likely wish to capture every memorable moment of your safari to look back on for years to come.

Perhaps you’re keen to preserve in time the magnificent landscapes of East Africa, the blazing sunsets or creatures great and small as they go about their lives; there’s certainly no shortage of subject matter on safari, and with the assistance of your experienced guide to get you to the right place at the right time, you’re sure to come away with some spectacular shots.

When it comes to capturing jaw-dropping photos of animals, having a good guide who is able to predict the movements and behaviours of the wildlife goes a long way to ensuring you're poised and ready to snap whatever happens next. 

Other tips to help you capture that epic shot include making sure that your hand and camera are steady - most safari vehicles are equipped with sandbags to help, as well as charging points to make sure your batteries never die at the crucial moment. 

Asilia has introduced an innovative, specially equipped photographic vehicle that provides photographers with the optimal setup to grab that award-winning shot.

Our photographic vehicle’s 360° rotating seats and drop-down sides provide unobstructed views, allowing enthusiasts to capture eye-level images of wildlife as if you are right next to them. Expert guides position the vehicle, considering the light and anticipating animals’ movements, so that all you have to concentrate on is the click of the shutter. Sandbags and foam camera rests are provided in the vehicle to ensure your comfort and steadiness while you set up the perfect shot.

These state-of-the-art vehicles are available at most of Asilia’s camps in Kenya and Tanzania. They are based out of Sayari, Namiri Plains, Jabali Ridge, Roho ya Selous and Naboisho, but may be booked if you’re staying at our other camps nearby. The vehicles are ideal for three photographers, with one chair per row. Photographic vehicles are at an additional cost, and because of their limited capacity, require advance booking. 

All of Asilia’s vehicles are set up with photography in mind and come equipped with charging points for camera batteries and storage pouches to keep your equipment close at hand. Stabilising rests are also available on request for large and heavy lenses.

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