Indulge in a sublime Spa on Safari and let our professional therapists pamper you with lotions and aromas inspired by Africa. 

Top Reasons to include a Spa Experience while on safari

Life on safari moves at a slower pace, and it’s this serene setting that really makes a spa treatment that much more relaxing. Being perfectly pampered, you can languidly gaze out over the vast African savannahs, spotting wildlife while gently drifting off to the rustle of the breeze in the grass. Following your treatment, you'll feel revitalised and more in touch with your serene African surroundings. With your muscles relaxed and balance restored, soak up the sights, sounds, colours, and aromas of the stunning savannahs.  

At most of our camps, the period after lunch is usually yours to enjoy in camp. This is usually the hottest part of the day when even the animals are typically less active. During your afternoon time, what better way to easy sore legs from a morning safari walk, or really work out the last aches from your long-haul travels with a decadent massage at the spa.   

Our award-winning camps provide unparalleled exclusivity and attention to detail. You can savour luxurious spa therapies at The Asilia Spa Collection at our renowned Namiri Plains, Sayari Camp, The Highlands, and Jabali Ridge facilities. We also offer in-suite services for individuals and couples. Fabulous facials feature on the extensive menu too. 

Where to Find a Spa on Safari

Experience ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation at Asilia's spas at our award-winning camps, Namiri Plains, Sayari Camp, The Highlands, and Jabali Ridge. Our exceptional Spa on Safari services offer you the perfect opportunity to unwind and recharge your spirit and soul amidst the pristine wilderness.  

During the warmest part of the day, when wildlife takes a restful break, pamper yourself with our exquisite spa treatments, facials, or any other preferred service, provided by our expertly trained, welcoming and friendly spa therapists. To include several unforgettable and peaceful spa sessions in your adventure, contact our safari trip specialists. 


Have a unique holiday in mind? Let’s help you plan

Our safari experts will assist you in planning your adventures and incorporating this incredibly relaxing and therapeutic experience. 

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