Classic Tented Safari
Classic Tented Safari

Classic African Tented Safari

Classic Tented Safari

A classic tented safari is the perfect opportunity to take a  break  and simply be at one with nature.  Much  may  have changed over the years, but a simple canvas tent pitched under a shady tree or alongside a waterhole is still a familiar sight on safari.

Asilia’s tented camps will cater to all your needs and, more importantly, make you feel at home. Here you can spend quiet time in your tent, enjoying the cool breeze passing through the canvas flaps, or grab a seat in the communal area with a good book and a cold drink in hand. Lean back in your chair and enjoy the shade of the flysheet as you gaze out toward the open plains and roaming animals.

The rituals of drinks and stories shared around the fire will remind you of simpler times. Dine side by side at a communal table, toasting to the coming together of families and friends old and new. End the day in the gentle glow of the lamps, watching the fluttering moths and the starry sky.

Your home away from home

Your tent is equipped with all you need: a comfortable bed with soft linens welcomes you to peaceful slumber after a long and exciting day on your African safari holiday. The cleverly designed bucket shower allows you to freshen up with water heated over the fire. In the early morning, sit in front of your tent and take in the gradual crescendo of the songbirds as you start your day with a freshly brewed pot of coffee or tea. In the afternoon, sit at your writing desk and capture everything you have seen, learned and experienced.

Our mobile camps

Asilia’s mobile camps are carefully designed to be packed up and moved with the seasons. They allow our guests to stay in unique and secluded areas, be it amid the greenery of a woodland, in the shadow of a kopjie or on the banks of a river. Always just a hoof-step behind the annual wildebeest migration, these camps appear and disappear leaving nothing behind but joyful memories.

The camp’s unobtrusive structures that blend into the natural surroundings mean you’ll often find animals wandering through the camp. Elephant may find a spot between the tents to enjoy an afternoon snooze, and leopard may slink past unnoticed while you tuck into dinner around the campfire. A stay in one of these camps will leave you with a sense of belonging and a deeper understanding of the natural world.

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