Hiking and Climbing

Across East Africa, varying topography serves as an invitation to set out on foot to explore the nooks and crannies of the African landscape.

Hiking & Climbing (2)

Hiking is a popular activity all over the world and the opportunity to walk where there are no roads, alongside local Maasai people, is one of our top things to do in Africa. Cross over challenging terrains and reap the rewards of a beautiful view of the ancient plains. While on a hike, walk among young children of the local Maasai villages as they herd cattle to greener pastures.

With our luxury domed-styled lodge on the edge of the most infamous craters in the world, The Highlands serves as a starting point for adventure and thrill by foot. Lace-up your hiking boots and trek down to the crater floor of the Empaki Crater and marvel at the abundance of life and beauty. The main attraction is the turquoise lake, a haven for waterbirds, flamingos, buffalo and blue monkeys to congregate. Hikers can explore the steep-sided forested craters, home to vast wildlife and beautiful forest birds. Views of Ol Doniyo Lengai, Tanzania’s most active volcano, are both mesmerizing and intimidating.

Hike to Lake Natron

Thousands of years ago, our primal ancestors repeatedly crossed the vast plains of the Serengeti toward Lake Natron. Today, guests may undergo the trek from the foot of Tanzania’s most magnificent craters, across the wilderness of the open plains and trace the footsteps of the first nomadic hominids.

This several-day adventure on foot takes you toward the Maasai’s sacred mountain, Ol Doniyo Lengai translated as “the mountain of God.” Traverse the walls of the Great Rift Valley and arrive at one of the most important breeding grounds for thousands of flamingos, where these upright flocks can be observed from the shores of the red waters of Lake Natron. Discover the preserved footprints left behind by early humans as they migrated vast distances for survival. Climb into the cliff face and follow the gorge that leads to the secluded Ngare Sero waterfall, a wonderful place to rest and enjoy the freshness of the cool water.

Mt Kenya – Rutundu Cabin

One of Kenya’s most prized features, Mount Kenya offers more than the thrill of the ultimate hiking adventure to its snowy peaks. Along the foothills of the great mountain opens a mystical world of forests and volcanic lakes, bursting with exquisite wild and birdlife. A day’s hike around the lakes and into the depths of the forest bring one back to the heart of nature and fulfil the sense of timeless adventure. Spend peaceful nights in the thick of the montane wilderness in a comfortable and cosy cabin secluded and tranquil absorbing the very best of the mountain’s beauty.

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