Off The Beaten Track
Off The Beaten Track

Off the Beaten Track

Off the Beaten Track

For some, ‘holiday’ doesn’t mean a lounger on a pristine, white sandy beach. Rather, it’s the desire to experience a true adventure, where a bit of roughing it is the desired intent.

Go on an educational and spiritual experience that connects you to the bare elements and offers both physical challenge and reward. This is your chance to truly fall off the grid, disconnect from the outside world and take the road less travelled – a must-do in Africa.

To make the most of conquering horizons, a pop-up tent that offers just the right amount of comfort is accompanied by simple yet filling meals to sustain the journey’s pace. A light backpack with a basic kit is all the weight you’ll need to carry on your shoulders, leaving behind the demanding load of everyday life. Head out into nature and revel in its simplicity and beauty. Set personal challenges and conquer them across contrasting and trying terrain.

Adventure to far-reaching corners and learn how bushman tribes such as the Hadzabe live, hunt and coexist with the land. Watch and participate in ancient traditions that encourage you to understand how African tribes live alongside and respect the land, a truly unique and enriching experience. With guided expertise, guests are afforded the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to choose their own version of adventure and thrill. Across vast plains, mountain terrain and rivers, follow the tempo of the wild and discover untouched territories that are awaiting discovery.

For equestrian enthusiasts, head out on horseback and experience the wilderness like never before. The thrill of riding alongside towering giraffes and among elephant herds offer the avid rider a chance to interact with wildlife up close. Careful and steady approaches toward game break barriers and enhance the excitement of game viewing. With the leadership of your guide, abreast specially trained horses, safari has never been more fulfilling and exciting.

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