Walking Safari

A walking safari offers a different kind of adventure for your holiday. Turn in early the night before, with your boots at the foot of the bed and backpack checklist at the ready. Early morning wake-up is served with a cup of hot coffee and a spoonful of excitement for the day ahead.

A walking safari is one of the top things to do in Africa. It allows you to soak up the sounds, smells and the colours of the bush in a way that a game drive does not. No more roar of the engine to drown out the sound of the wind shaking the canopies overhead or the hoof thump from a territorial male impala. A secret language of signals shared between you and your guide, as he gestures the way across the openings and navigates through thickets and woodlands, teaches you the wonders of communication in the wild.

On a guided walk, you are free to stop and inspect tracks left behind by a male lion as he makes his way back to his pride or scuff marks left by a dove having momentarily enjoyed a dust bath. Your guide may lead you to closer encounters with elephant taking a snooze or drinking at a watering hole, or on a challenging trek to a kopjie’s peak to discover what lies beyond it.

Take a break mid-walk, laying out a blanket to spend some time sharing a cup of tea and a muffin as your guide shares stories of their life as a walking guide. Know that when you step back onto your car for your afternoon game drive that you will head out more informed and versed in the hidden tricks and illusions of nature.

Walking safaris are not only for the ultimate hiker, but depending on your fitness, your guide can choose the best suited terrain for you to enjoy. Travellers up for the challenge can take the rocky uphill paths or for those who simply wish to stretch out their limbs, enjoy a slower-paced walk with a few stops to admire the trees and the birds. Whatever your walking interest, then each Asilia experience is tailormade just for you.

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