Great Migration RVZYF1Z
Great Migration RVZYF1Z

Great Migration Adventure

7 Days in Tanzania’s Northern Circuit

If time restrictions are driving your decision-making process regarding how your northern Tanzania safari should be structured, then these 7 day options are likely to prove useful. While there are many different areas and locations within the northern circuit which could be included, these options have focussed on just 2 of the key highlights which should not be missed.

The Ngorongoro Crater offers an entirely unique game drive experience and is not something that should be omitted from a northern circuit itinerary. Coupled with the Serengeti National Park, this itinerary presents the key attractions, neatly bundled into a six-night package featuring three different game viewing locations, with price points to suit various budgets.   

Itinerary Pricing

This itinerary is available at varying levels of luxury: ‘comfort’ and ‘classic’. Use our itineraries for ideas on how to combine camps, regions and a range of experiences.  Our expert staff will help customise your dream safari holiday that meets all your travel requirements.

Prices are per person and exclude international flights to/from East Africa but include all other arrangements outlined in the itinerary below.

Itinerary Details


In this classic driving and flying safari, accommodation consists of:

  • 1-night Onsea House, Arusha

  • 2 nights Ngorongoro Farmhouse, Karatu


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