18. Jabali Wild Dogs
18. Jabali Wild Dogs

Wild Dog Research and Identification

How to Identify Individual Wild Dog

During your stay in Usangu, you will get the opportunity to identify wild dogs using various methods.

The identification can be made using photos from game drives, or you can set up a camera trap. Using the data you gather, you'll complete an identification form available at the research center.


Please ensure you log your wild dog sightings on iNaturalist; below is the iNaturalist sightings record for wild dog in the Usangu area:

0 sightings have been recorded so far for this species.

Wild Dog Identification

We are trying to identify all wild dogs in the Usangu area, and you can help by recording individuals. Wild dogs are identified using their spot/color patterns and any markings, as they are almost always found in packs individuals within that pack can be distinguished more easily. At Usangu, you will have access to ID Pages for all predators. Please complete the form and record the individual sighting if you have quality images.

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