Kimondo Camp Guided Walking Safari
Kimondo Camp Guided Walking Safari

Introducing the Asilia Academy

The Asilia Academy is an e-learning programme, carefully designed by experienced Africa specialists, with the aim of training our trade partners how to sell Asilia and East Africa confidently. 

The writers of Asilia Academy have all worked in direct sales in the past and know exactly what skills and information is needed to sell trips to East Africa effectively. Our hope is that with access to this type of resource, you - our agent/DMC partners - can quickly and efficiently increase your product knowledge. 

The more experienced consultants will be able to brush up on the finer details of safari planning in East Africa, while anyone just starting out on selling East Africa, or cross selling from Southern Africa, will have all the necessary tools to get up to speed quickly. Best of all, it’s completely free to use.

How does it work?

There are two versions available – one in depth course designed for our agent partners and another aimed at our local DMC partners who operate in Kenya and Tanzania.

The agent version has three levels - Cheetah, Leopard & Lion. Begin with an introduction to Asilia and the basics of selling East Africa, followed by detailed modules on each of our camps and their locations, progressing onto Lion – which covers our Destination Management Services and more off the beaten track locations in East Africa.

The DMC Edition has one level - focusing on Asilia’s camps, Agent Space, booking process and more.

Each level is made up of a number of courses. These courses are broken down into easy to digest modules, which all need to be completed one after the other. Asilia Academy has been specifically designed so that the content becomes more detailed and specialized as you progress. 

At the end of each course, you will need to take a short quiz to test what you have learnt in that course. You need at least an 80% pass mark in the quizzes to move onto the next course to continue your learning. 

Our agent partners will be sent a digital accreditation which can be used on email signatures and/or websites on completion of each level. These digital accreditations can be hyperlinked to the Asilia Academy web page which explains to potential clients how many hours you have invested in learning/research and assures clients that Asilia Africa consider those partners who have completed this course to be true Asilia experts. You will also be able to link your digital certificates to your LinkedIn profile. 


How do I sign up?

It is completely free to join the Asilia Academy. Once enrolled, you will be given a deadline to complete all assigned courses, at your pace via our online platform. 

To sign up, click the button or email address below and send us your name, surname, email address and company:

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