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    Naboisho Camp | May 2020

    Set in the 210km2 private Mara Naboisho Conservancy, Naboisho Camp offers spectacular game viewing, from the herds of antelope that dot the plains of this wilderness corridor throughout the year to the high concentrations of predators, including lion and cheetah.

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    Bursting with pride

    Namiri Plains | February 2020

    The eastern Serengeti is a cheetah hotspot.
    Lions, cheetahs and leopards roam undisturbed across Namiri Plains, which is at the heart of big cat conservation projects in the Eastern Serengeti.

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    Ladies of the Serengeti

    Dunia Camp | February 2020

    Meet the women redefining Africa’s safari industry.
    In the Serengeti’s all-female Dunia Camp, 16 women are pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a woman in Africa.

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    Sisterhood in The Serengeti

    Namiri Plains, Dunia Camp | January 2020

    The Serengeti National Park hardly needs an introduction.
    Synonymous with safari, Tanzania’s most iconic National Park is famed for its Great Migration.

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    Into The Wild

    Rubondo Island Camp | November 2019

    The most intriguing place to track chimpanzee has to be Rubondo.
    Seeing chimpanzees in the wild is one of Africa’s many great animal encounters; providing you’re up for some hot and arduous trekking

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  • Thetelegraph

    The Perfect Safari

    Namiri Plains | November 2019

    After a lifetime exploring Africa, I've found the perfect safari.
    In just seven days there, I saw 20 cheetahs, more than 60 lions and, uniquely, a melanistic serval cat that has established its home range not far from Namiri Plains.

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  • Thetelegraph

    The Real Jurassic Park

    Rubondo Island Camp | September 2019

    The only place in the world where chimpanzees have been reintroduced into the wild.
    There are now about 60 chimps on Rubondo, and amazingly they have formed their own social structure and settled into two distinct troupes.

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    Namiri Plains Review: First In

    Namiri Plains | October 2019

    Asilia rebuilds an eco-chic safari camp in its own corner of the Serengeti.
    As guests of Namiri Plains, we had this part of the Serengeti—Tanzania’s largest National Park, known for the sight of 10 or more cars circled up around a lone elephant—practically to ourselves.

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  • Thetelegraph

    Stay at the Centre of the Action in the Masai Mara

    Mara Bush Houses | September 2019

    The wide open plains host herds of elephant and giraffe, and clusters of wildebeest.
    It’s an unusual option, and the advantages of having your own house are obvious. You also have a guide at your disposal all day, which makes everything more flexible.

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  • Thetelegraph

    Big Cats and Gin and Tonics: See the Best of the Masai Mara on Foot

    Asilia Adventures | August 2019

    An exclusive trek through Kenya’s top conservation areas is like walking in a wildlife documentary

    Walking safaris are nothing new, but our Kenyan adventure takes it to the next level: a four-day, 85km hiking trip across five of the wildlife-rich conservancies surrounding the Masai Mara.

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    Real Life Locations That Inspired the Lion King

    Rekero | August 2019

    If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting Pride Rock, here’s where to go.
    Asilia Africa’s Rekero Camp, in southwest Kenya’s Masai Mara, not far from the border of Tanzania and right in the middle of Great Migration country. led Chinlund to the look of the lions’ stalking grounds. The area’s bushland, rivers, and wide-open savannas dotted with dramatic umbrella-like acacia trees provided just the right look.

    View The Real Landscapes That Inspired The Lion King – And 10 Amazing Ways To See Them
  • Thetelegraph

    Get Up Close and (Very) Personal with the Tanzania Locals

    Kwihala | August 2019

    Night drives, day drives and walking safaris – that’s what you’re there for.
    Kwihala is intimate, but the staff – who all gathered to welcome me with a Swahili song and never lost that level of smiling, personable hospitality – ensure everybody’s stay is their own.

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  • National Geographic Traveler

    17 Unforgettable African Safaris

    Namiri Plains | August 2019

    Set off into the wild and see the world like never before with this guide to the best experiences in 11 countries
    At Asilia’s Namiri Plains camp in northern Tanzania, visitors become part of the migration as they travel in a luxury mobile camp alongside herds of wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles. Walking safaris get you closer to the action, with veteran Serengeti safari guides giving the play-by-play.

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    Brides Magazine: Honeymoon Guide

    Jabali Ridge | August 2019

    Find your dream getaway on our annual list of 70 award-winning hot spots
    The eight tree-house style stilted bungalows—enclosed by teak shutters and nest-like thatched roofs—hide between boulders on a soaring granite outcrop, offering unparalleled panoramic views of plains and otherworldly baobab trees in Ruaha, Tanzania’s largest but still off-the-radar national park.

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    The Best Family-Friendly Africa Safaris

    Mara Bush Houses | June 2019

    Familes can set their own schedule when they stay in a six-person bush house with Asilia Africa.
    If recently released “The Lion King” has you and your brood yearning to witness savannah animals up close, or if you have always dreamed of an all-ages African adventure, these outfitters can make that dream a reality.

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    Meet the Designer Behind the World’s Most Mind-Bending Safari Camps

    Jabali Ridge, The Highlands | July 2019

    Deriving inspiration from lodge locales, Caline Williams-Wynn’s trained eye makes a safari experience sing, there’s no doubt about that
    In Tanzania, Jabali Ridge’s nest-like abodes are a cross between the native baobabs that dot the landscape and actual native birds’ nests.

    View Meet The Designer Behind The World’S Most Mind Bending Safari Camps – Robb Report
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    The Secret to Planning a Successful Three-Generation Safari

    Kimondo | April 2019

    Asilia’s semi-mobile Kimondo camp tracks the seasonal 1,200-mile trek of 1.5 million wildebeest from just north of the Mara.
    Seeing real life was exactly why we’d come – in our first few hours at Kimondo we saw four of the Big Five.

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    The Women Changing Safaris

    Dunia | March 2019

    How an entirely female-run safari property in the Serengeti is shaking up the status quo.
    “When we first began with an all-female team it was hard,” says Dominic, who often faces challenges like changing a tire in the middle of the Serengeti—even if its pounding rain or there’s a pride of lion nearby.

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    Walking Through Kenya’s Maasai Mara

    Asilia Adventures | March 2019

    86 kilometres, one big African landscape and many, many predators. Lizzie Pook takes the ultimate walking safari.
    I’m on foot in the Maasai Mara, where I’m spending four days traversing four different conservancies using just my legs as part of Asilia’s new Adventures offering.

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    Island of the Apes

    Rubondo Island Camp | January 2019

    Meeting the lucky chimps of Lake Victoria
    Am I about to meet the luckiest chimpanzees in the world? As I fly over the ruddy hills of south-west Tanzania in a tiny single-prop aeroplane, my background reading certainly suggests so.

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  • Thetelegraph

    Locals and animals at risk

    April 2020

    With Safari Tourism on Hold, Locals and Animals Are at Risk

    With the coronavirus pandemic threatening the 194.2 billion tourism industry across Africa, that safari ecosystem locals and animals alike rely on is on shaky ground. While some parks are still open, most plan to reopen no earlier than late May or June—maybe as late in the year as October.

    View Helping Rhinos Itinerary Kenya Big 5 2021
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    I’m a Safari Guide—And Coronavirus Will Change the Future of Safaris

    April 2020

    Conde Nast Traveler speaks to Asilia's head guide, Hamza Visram, about how Coronavirus will change the future of safaris. The closing of camps impacts more than just the guides—it’ll change animal behavior and attract poachers, too.

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