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Asilia Africa is a pioneering travel company that runs 20 luxury camps and lodges in Africa’s most important wilderness areas.

Culture & Communities

Tying the Knot : The Maasai Way

By Clarissa Hughes – Group Positive Impact Co-ordinator Maasai weddings are elaborate affairs that incorporate many traditional customs. Historically girls are married at anywhere between 12 and 20 years, however, this

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Destinations, Planning Your Trip

Secret Safari Season : Ol Pejeta Bush Camp

By Britta Foulis The months of February and March have long been seen as “off-season” in the safari world – and we just can’t understand why! We’re going to tell

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Wildlife & Conservation

Frisky Feathered Friends

By Britta Foulis This Valentine’s Day, in the spirit of love and romance, we told you about species who are completely committed to their partners and mate for life. You

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The Great Migration

Great Migration Live Update – 19 February 2018

Migration Monday Update This week’s update comes from HerdTracker, we have reports from Ranger Safaris saying that migratory herds are spread out between Gol Kopjes and Naabi Hill from the Hidden

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Sustain and Thrive

Plight of the Pangolin

By Britta Foulis World Pangolin Day You’ll be forgiven for thinking, “What is a pangolin?!” Besides being undeniably unique-looking, they are the most trafficked animal in the world, so we

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Wildlife & Conservation

Fun Facts about Hippos

By Britta Foulis When one thinks of a hippo, you may think all they do is lazily bob around in pools of water, blow air from their nostrils, and show

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