Tipping on Safari

By Asilia Africa News | 16 November 2016

By staff writer

To tip, or not to tip? And if to tip, how much?

Tipping is most often ananxiety-ridden element of any holiday. This sensitive area is usually approached with great trepidation and can lead to some very awkward moments if the necessary dos and don’ts are not observed.

Safari tipping

Tipping in Africa when on safari is considered customary, but it is ultimately up to you how much, and if, to tip.

The real success of your safari lies in the quality of the guiding and the level of service you experience at the camp. While you’ll get to know your quite well during your stay, there are also a number of behind-the-scenes staff that you may not ever see, but without whom your experience may not be as pleasant – think chefs, house keepers, etc.

So, how much?

Please note that gratuities are completely at your own discretion and are much appreciated by our staff for service that went above and beyond your expectations. As a guideline, we suggest tipping your guide between US$5 and US$15 per group (depending on group size) and the camp staff between US$5 and US$10 per traveller per day. Tipping is usually done on departure from your camp. You can tip your guide in person and the camp staff collectively using the tip box found in the public area of most of our camps. Tips can be made in Tanzanian Shillings, US Dollars, Euros or Pound Sterling.

Generally, you should aim to tip transfer drivers around $2-$5 per transfer, also depending on the length of your journey.

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