What is Fly Camping?

By Wandering Maasai | 03 September 2015

By Roelof Schutte – Naboisho Camp Manager and Experienced Walking Safari Guide

The fire crackles, you are surrounded by the wide open expanse of the bush and the open night sky wraps around you like a glittering, velvet blanket. You hear the loud, thunderous sound of a lion’s roar and your spine tingles as you realize there is nothing but distance and the crisp night air that separates you from the Serengeti’s top predator. Later, you are awakened by the thumping sound of a hundred hooves, as a hungry pack of Hyena chase a herd of wildebeest through camp!


These are the joys of Fly Camping, an African experience like no other.

Fly Camping – the opposite of glamping

Fly Camping is a very adventurous, private and unique experience. Offered as part of a walking safari, you are accompanied by an armed guide and spend the afternoon walking to the Fly Camp. This provides a special opportunity to get a grasp on what is happening in the ecosystem on ground level while still being surrounded by fantastic wildlife experiences.

A Fly Camping experience can only be booked on a private basis. Sitting under the stars at night after a hot shower and a great meal, listening to the night sounds is the best way to merge oneself with nature.

What happens on a Fly Camping expedition?

A typical Fly Camping experience offers a private night out of the main camp. The afternoon walk takes you to a small and very intimate temporary mobile camp that’s already been set up for your convenience. The night is spent sitting around the campfire under a starry sky, cooking on the open fire and joining in in conversations about the day’s events.

Food, Safety and Accommodation – Creature comforts on the open plains

Camping under the stars does not mean going to bed hungry. In fact, a chef stands ready to prepare a three course meal on the fire using cast iron black pots and grills. Traditional Maasai favorites typify the menu, such as a steaming lamb stew served with ugali (the Kenyan version of Polenta), tomato and onion sauce and creamy spinach. Dessert could be fire roasted marshmallows or pears in a decadent fudge sauce.

Although you’ll be spending the night away from the main camp, your safety remains Asilia’s prime concern and the armed guide and camp hands ensure that you can sleep soundly. If their presence isn’t enough to comfort you, the large canvas dome tent, foam mattress, quality linen, cushions and hot water bottles will make drifting away to a relaxed sleep an easy endeavour.

Your tent comes fully set up, with enough room to stand, windows on three sides and a veranda in the front with an awning. Head lamps, camping chairs and a camping table are also supplied. For showering, nothing comes close to the hot bucket shower hanging in a tree with a view. A short drop safari toilet is also provided.

How do I book my own Fly Camping experience?

If you are of an adventurous spirit, looking for something out of the ordinary and willing to push beyond your comfort zone, Fly Camping is an experience not to be missed!

The length of stay is usually one night only, but can be extended to two or even three nights upon request. Fly Camping needs to be booked in advance with camp management, so be sure to get in touch with your travel agent before you leave home.

Fly Camping is available at the following Asilia Camps:

Naboisho Camp&Encounter Mara.


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