Why Green Season is the perfect time to safari

By Asilia Africa | 29 October 2020

As the seasons are shifting north and south of the equator, so too are the landscapes of East Africa. November brings the start of the short rains, and with it, the whole region transforms from dry savannah to lush, verdant terrain. This is the start of the Green Season, spanning until the end of May. It’s one of our favourite times to explore Kenya and Tanzania; here we explain why you should consider travelling during this beautiful period.


Youngsters all around

The abundance of water, grazing and taller grass to hide from predators makes this the perfect time for many mammals to have their young. In November, you’ll see trains of warthog piglets scampering through the bush, and in February look for wild dog puppies emerging from dens. In March, watch as zebra foals take their first stripey steps.

Perfect photographic conditions

Dramatic skies with dark storm clouds and bursts of light breaking through, carpets of flowers on the ground and rainfall dispelling the dust of the dry season makes this a landscape photographer’s dream.


If you want to be the only vehicle at a wildlife sighting, be able to look out over the vast horizons of the Masai Mara or Serengeti without other vehicles in sight and enjoy shorter queues at park gates and airports, this is the time to travel.

Birds galore

Up to 200 migrant species from all corners of the northern hemisphere fly south to East Africa, making Green Season a birder’s paradise. On top of that, many birds are showing off their breeding plumage – an impressive sight even to those who consider themselves birding novices.

Adventure season

November to May is our Asilia Adventure season. As camps and parks are less busy, expert guides lead private explorations that wouldn’t be possible other times of year. From walking expeditions across the Masai Mara conservancies to cultural immersions with the Hadzabe people, each adventure will transform a safari from great to extraordinary.

Affordability and availability

The nightly rate of safari accommodation can be up to 70% lower than peak season at some camps. And with availability in high season 2021 already proving tight (thanks to COVID-19 postponements and existing bookings), the green season is a real opportunity where finding space is less of a battle, and the experience is still second to none.

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