2A Exterior Room View Jabali
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Jabali Ridge

Ruaha National Park, Tanzania


Jabali Ridge is a stylish camp in the wildlife-rich Ruaha National Park, set on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Mwagusi River and Ikuka escarpment.


A landscape of sun-bleached plains, mighty baobabs and hardy shrubs, Ruaha is home to large numbers of lion, elephant, buffalo and even endangered African wild dogs. During the rainy season, visitors can hear the incredible thundering of the Ikuka waterfalls and even witness the Mwagusi beginning to flow after being dry for seven months. The dry season is equally exciting, with opportunities to spot buffalo herds in the riverbed and elephants digging in the sand for water. 

  • Calendar

    Open: June to Mid March
    Closed: Mid-March to end May

  • Airplane

    Closest airstrip: Msembe, 50 minutes drive from camp

  • 1 Families

    Families: children aged five and older

14. Jabali Walking Safari 3
4. Jabali Ridge Hammock And View

Accommodation AT JABALI RIDGE

Take a look around

  • 6A) Jabali Infinity Pool
    Jabali 360 Video 360

    Move around virtually and experience Jabali Ridge in this 360 VR video.

  • 4. Jabali Ridge Hammock And View

    Jabali Ridge - A siesta in your private hammock is the perfect way to relax while on safari.

  • 6. View From Shower In Room Jabali LR

    Jabali Ridge - Enjoy a shower with views of the Ruaha landscape surrounding you.

  • 5. Room Deck Jabali

    Jabali Ridge - Take a moment to relax on your private deck and drink in the views of Ruaha that surround you.

  • 2A Exterior Room View Jabali

    Jabali Ridge - The eight intimate suites at Jabali Ridge are set among giant granite boulders.

  • 13. Jabali Walking Safari, Guests Learning About The Vegetation In The Area
    https://www.youtube.com/embed/F1Hz9Oc43g4 Youtube Video Play

    Video: walking safaris in Ruaha National Park

  • 2. Double Room Interior Jabali LR

    Jabali Ridge - Your room has full views of the Ruaha landscape that surrounds the camp.

  • 13. Jabali Buffalo

    Jabali Ridge - Exploring the landscape of Ruaha on a game drive.

  • 14. Jabali Walking Safari 3

    Jabali Ridge - Feel a part of the Ruaha landscape by taking a walking safari with one of our experienced guides.

  • 15. Jabali Sundowners

    Jabali Ridge - Enjoying a refreshing drink out in the bush.

  • 16. Jabali Ridge Leopard

    Jabali Ridge - A leopard seen while out on a game drive.

  • 17. Jabali Ridge Baobab Tree And Lion

    Jabali Ridge - A pair of lioness survey the scene for their next meal.

  • 18. Jabali Wild Dogs

    Jabali Ridge - A beautiful wild dog makes an appearance.

  • 19. Jabali Ridge Sunset Scenery

    Jabali Ridge - The beauty of Ruaha National Park is undeniable.

  • 6A) Jabali Infinity Pool

    Jabali Ridge - Take a dip in our infinity pool which boasts stunning views of the region.

  • 6B) Jabali Infinity Pool

    Jabali Ridge - Our infinity pool offers some of the best views of Ruaha that you'll ever experience.

  • 6C) Jabali Evening Dining At The Pool

    Jabali Ridge - Lunch is served!

  • 7. Jabali Lounge Area

    Jabali Ridge - Evenings in the lounge area.

  • 8. Jabali Dining Area

    Jabali Ridge - As the sun sets over Ruaha's landscape, take a moment to take in the views from the lounge area.

  • 9. Jabali Ridge Breakfast Set Up

    Jabali Ridge - Chef Rama prepares a delicious breakfast for you to enjoy before the day begins.

  • 10. Jabali Local Fish Plate

    Jabali Ridge - The culinary experience at Jabali Ridge is an extravagant and tasty affair.

  • 10A Jabali Pancake And Ice Cream Bush Stop

    Jabali Ridge - Refreshingly delicious sorbet and champagne enjoyed out in the bush.

  • 10B Jabali Dinner By The Pool Set Up

    Jabali Ridge - The dining area at night.

  • 11. Dusk At Jabali Infinity Pool

    Jabali Ridge - Sunset is always a magical time at Jabali Ridge.

  • 12. Jabali Hot Stone Massage

    Jabali Ridge - Enjoy a pampering spa treatment while staying with us.

  • Jabali Ridge

    Jabali Ridge - Sunrise at Jabali Ridge, the views from our pool area are unbeatable.



Accommodation & Amenities

Jabali Ridge’s eight suites are set among giant granite boulders. Relax in the hammock on your wooden deck and unwind with a book. Cool off in the glorious infinity pool, which overlooks the vast plains, or head to our spa to smooth out any tensions with a hot-stone massage. After a day spent walking through the bush or tracking lions in a game vehicle, pause for a refreshing G&T as the sun sets over Ruaha.

  • Tents

    8 suites

  • 3 En Suite Bathrooms

    En-suite bathrooms

  • 24 Flushing Toilets

    Flushing toilets

  • Private Outdoor Lounges

    Private outdoor lounges

  • 71 Private Swimming Rooftop

    Swimming pool

  • 7 Wifi 2

    WiFi (in-room)

  • 59 Spa


  • 6 In Room Safe

    In-room lockable box



The eight raised suites at Jabali are expansive and airy with bird-nest thatched roofs and wooden shutters that slide to open up the rooms. Beds are king sized and en suite bathrooms have flushing toilets and rain showers. Out on the deck, guests can get comfy on one of the large cushioned benches and relax with a coffee or cold drink, admiring the golden plains and hundred-year-old baobabs.

2. Double Room Interior Jabali LR
5. Room Deck Jabali


Location of Jabali Ridge

Jabali Ridge is perched on a rocky kopje with views across the Ruaha savannah stretching all the way to the Mwagusi River. Ruaha National Park is one of the largest national parks in Tanzania, located in the centre of the country. It forms a transitional point between the landscapes of East and Southern Africa, with its golden plains of sun-bleached grass and ancient baobab trees. 

The greater Ruaha area is thought to be home to one-tenth of the entire world’s wild lion population, with large prides roaming the plains. Cheetah, leopard and packs of wild dog are seen hunting here too. Vistors can also spot greater and lesser kudu, sable and roan antelope, elephants, giraffes, bat-eared foxes and some of the 570 bird species.

17. Jabali Ridge Baobab Tree And Lion
16. Jabali Elephant Scenic

Map of Ruaha National Park


Blending into its environment

Jabali Ridge has been carefully designed to blend into its environment, making use of open spaces and natural materials. Even the existing granite boulders have been incorporated to provide privacy and shade. With just eight suites, the camp feels blissfully exclusive and remote.

After a morning game drive and lunch, spend your afternoon cooling off in the infinity pool with a drink in hand or head to our spa for a rejuvenating treatment before your afternoon activity. Dinner is served al fresco under a blanket of stars.

14. Jabali Walking Safari 3
15. Jabali Sundowners


A typical day on safari at Jabali Ridge

We head out for a game drive first thing in the morning and again late in the afternoon, when it’s cooler and the animals are active. Times differ slightly with the seasons. A typical day starts off with an early wake-up call and tea or coffee. Head off on your first game drive of the day after breakfast, or have it packed to take with you as a picnic. Arrive back at camp in time to freshen up before sitting down to lunch. If you have a private vehicle, you can plan your day with your guide. 

Mid-afternoon is time for a rest. Read a book, take a dip in the pool or visit the spa. Afterward, enjoy afternoon tea and then an evening game drive or walk with sundowners. End the day with a drink at the bar and a leisurely dinner under the stars. 

13. Jabali Buffalo
10A Jabali Pancake And Ice Cream Bush Stop


Game drives

The best times to depart on a game drive are early morning and late afternoon to avoid the heat of the day, when animals are less active. It also allows us to find predators such as lions either setting off hunting at dusk or wrapping up after a busy night. Our vehicles are open-sided, six-seaters with removable canvas roofs and sides that offer unobstructed views. Vehicles are also equipped with power points and coolers to keep your batteries full and drinks chilled. 

If you have a specific interest in some aspect of the ecosystem, enquire about booking one of our private vehicles.

18. Jabali Private Walking And Head Guide Moinga


Walking safaris

Feel part of the Ruaha landscape by taking a walking safari with one of our experienced guides and local trackers. This is a completely different way to experience the bush. Your senses are much more engaged as you spot tiny but fascinating creatures you’d never see from the vehicle, such as dung beetles, ants and butterflies. Get a thrilling close up view of kudu and elephants, or spot hyena dens amid the kopjes.

19. Kwihala Camp Walking Safari Ruaha National Park Escarpment Elephants Walking Safari Paul Joynson Hicks MR
Ruaha National Park - Walking Safari


Night drives

See a different side of Ruaha with a night drive. It’s a special opportunity to spot shy, nocturnal animals and those that prey on them. With the aid of a knowledgeable guide, keep your eyes out for leopard, genet, serval, honey badger, civet and African wildcats on the hunt; as well as bushbabies, nightjars and owls going about their business. Take a moment to gaze up at the breathtaking night sky.

Ruaha-sunset-scenery.jpg (2)
Night Drive


Photographic safari

Jabali Ridge is home to one of our specially modified photographic vehicles. The open vehicle allows keen amateurs and professional photographers alike to shoot at eye level with wildlife. It is equipped with all the gear to ensure award-winning shots — from beanbags and camera rests to 360° swivel seats. You can read more about the vehicle here. Please enquire to ensure availability of the vehicle and confirm any additional fees. 

Naboisho Specialist Photographic Vehicle


Asilia Spa

Visit the spa for a relaxing massage after a long flight or a hot day in the bush. If you’d prefer, we can also organise treatments in your suite. 

Spa (2)


Family safaris

We welcome families with children over 5 years old, with exceptions made based on camp occupancy upon enquiry. Jabali Ridge does not have any programmes specifically for kids and children under 12 should share a tent with an adult. Please ask your agent about hiring a private vehicle to make your family’s stay more convenient. 

Family Safaris
Family Safari (2)


Meals and refreshments

Everything at Jabali is homemade, from fresh breads and cakes to salads and ice creams. We can prepare a picnic breakfast to have during your game drive or enjoy a leisurely cooked brunch back at camp. Lunch is a light meal in the dining area and in the evening we serve a delicious, gourmet three-course dinner under the stars.

Please let us know of any dietary requirements ahead of your arrival and we’ll be happy to cater to your needs.

19. Jabali Ridge Gin Bar, Head Waiter Mixing Cocktails For A Guest
10. Jabali Local Fish Plate

When to go

What to expect during the year

The best game viewing in Ruaha is from June to November when it’s hot and dry. The rains that fall from November until April transform the landscape, making it perfect for photography and birding. Jabali Ridge closes from mid-March until the end of May when the park is difficult to traverse.

  • January - March

    Why travel at this time

    The landscape is lush and healthy and the air clear of haze, making for excellent photography conditions. There are fewer tourists in the area and plenty of breaks in the rain to explore the park. The migratory birds are in Ruaha at this time and elephants have arrived in great numbers.


    January is the rainiest month of the year and it continues to rain consistently until the end of March. Jabali Ridge closes from mid-March. The temperature is hot and humid, with an average high of 28°C/82°F and low of 17°C/63°F.

    • Min Temp Range

      Low temp: 17°C / 63°F

    • Max Temp Range

      High temp: 28°C / 82°F

    • Rainy Seasons

      Rainfall: 141mm / 5.6in

  • April - June

    Camp closed

    Jabali Ridge is closed from mid-March until the end of May. In June, the lodge reopens when the park has dried up and the temperature has dropped slightly.

  • July - September

    Why travel at this time

    The vast wilderness shimmers with heat through the dry season. This is the best time for spotting animals as they gather around the waterholes.


    There’s no rainfall in the dry season and temperatures begin to rise.

    • Min Temp Range

      Low temp: 17°C / 63°F

    • Max Temp Range

      High temp: 28°C / 82°F

    • Rainy Seasons

      Rainfall: 0mm / 0in

  • October - December

    Why travel at this time

    October is still a dry month before the November rains bring relief to the parched land, transforming the grasslands and flooding the rivers. The migratory birds begin to arrive from the Northern Hemisphere and big herds of elephants move into the newly lush park.


    December has the highest rainfall in this period, though the rains generally begin in November. The temperature hits a maximum average of 30°C/86°F in October and November, dipping slightly to 29°C/84°F in December. The average low ranges from 17°C/63°F in October to 18°C/64°F in December.

    • Min Temp Range

      Low temp: 18°C / 64°F

    • Max Temp Range

      High temp: 30°C / 86°F

    • Rainy Seasons

      Rainfall: 39mm / 1.5in

Guest reviews

Jabali Ridge has to be at the top of anyone's list planning to go on an African Safari. The rooms are incredible and the staff is friendly (especially Jackson!) and will take care of your every need. Our guide Ngimba was and spotted things we would never have seen. It can get hot, but the pool is a wonderful way to cool off between drives. Just a wonderful all-around experience! -
Tripadvisor 1
We had three nights' here and there are not enough words for their care, concern, accommodations, food, support while you are here. If you can't be happy and totally at peace here, then it would be hard to find that "place." The game drives were always interesting and no one watched "the clock" if we found animals that were fun to watch. The food was prepared and if they found you had not enjoyed something, the Chef came out!
Tripadvisor 1
We had the most fantastic stay at this property. It is beautifully sited for great views, wonderful staff and great game drives - can't say enough good things about it! We took an afternoon off to enjoy all the amenities this property has to offer. We were very impressed with the preparation and delivery of our meals especially eating outside with a great campfire. This relatively untouched part of Tanzania should be visited before the word really gets out about what a great experience it is. -
Barbara M
Tripadvisor 1

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When would you like to go?

The best game viewing in Ruaha is from June to November when it’s hot and dry. The rains that fall from November until April transform the landscape, making it perfect for photography and birding. Jabali Ridge closes from mid-March until the end of May when the park is difficult to traverse.

Below, choose your travel dates for an estimated accommodation cost per person sharing, or scroll down for a table of high and low season rates.

Dates in grey indicate 'not available'

Estimated accommodation cost per person sharing*

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for two adults sharing

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Additional information

  • Rate includes

    Full-board accommodation, house drinks, game drives, night drives, guided walks, transfers to/from the nearest airstrip, limited laundry service.

  • Rate excludes

    Park and concession fees, transfers other than to/from nearest airstrip, flights and airport taxes, gratuities and items of a personal nature, private vehicles.

  • Budget factors

    Special offers may apply. Contact us for the best available rates. Last minute offers and long-stay rates may apply.

Rates and Seasonality

  • High season: 01 Jul 2022 - 31 Oct 2022 Rate: US$1226

    What to expect

    • Dry season, high concentration of animals around water, great for cats

    • Plenty of elephants and big herds of buffaloes

    • Leopards become more arboreal as the grass thins

    • Min Temp Range

      Low Temp: 17°C / 63°F

    • Max Temp Range

      High Temp: 28°C / 82°F

    • Rainy Seasons

      Rainfall: none

  • Low season: 01 Nov 2022 - 19 Dec 2022 Rate: US$875

    What to expect

    • Increased chance of afternoon showers

    • Widespread animals not bound to the rivers

    • Few cars around

    • Min Temp Range

      Low Temp: 18°C / 64°F

    • Max Temp Range

      High Temp: 30°C / 86°F

    • Rainy Seasons

      Rainfall: 39mm / 1.5in

  • High season: 20 Dec 2022 - 05 Jan 2023 Rate: US$1226

    What to expect

    • Getting hotter and more humid as the rainy season approaches

    • Plenty of elephants and big herds of buffaloes

    • Min Temp Range

      Low Temp: 17°C / 63°F

    • Max Temp Range

      High Temp: 28°C / 82°F

    • Rainy Seasons

      Rainfall: 155mm / 6.1in

  • Low season: 06 Jan 2023 - 14 Mar 2023 Rate: US$875

    What to expect

    • Beautiful daily changes in the landscape, fauna and vegetation
    • Migratory bird species coming and going
    • Widespread animals not bound to the rivers and very few cars around
    • Potential for afternoon showers
    • Min Temp Range

      Low Temp: 17°C / 63°F

    • Max Temp Range

      High Temp: 28°C / 82°F

    • Rainy Seasons

      Rainfall: 141mm / 5.6in

  • Closed: 15 Mar 2023 - 31 May 2023 Rate: US$0

    Seasonal camp closure.


Don't just take our word for it

Jabali Ridge consistently achieves top ratings on TripAdvisor and featured on Conde Nast Traveller UK's Hot List when it opened in 2018. Jabali is also recognised by Responsible Tourism Tanzania for it's sustainability through high resource efficiency.

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Ruaha National Park wildlife

The Great Ruaha River runs through Tanzania's largest national part and supports a wide variety birds and wildlife.  Waterbuck, impala and gazelle come to the river to drink and predators are never far behind. You may spot lion or leopard prowling watchfully along the banks, or cheetah lying in wait on the plains, while skulking jackal and hyena are on the lookout for an opportunity to catch their next meal.

  • Lion

    Ruaha National Park Lioness With Cub Down Eric Frank MR
  • Leopard

    George Turner Ruaha 22
  • Giraffe

  • Elephant

    Ruaha 24
  • Lesser Kudu

    Lesser Kudu
  • Impala

    Impala 2668617 1920
  • Greater Kudu

    Greater Kudu Shutterstock 166220447


8 Day Southern Tanzania Circuit

Tanzania’s Southern regions have always been a well-kept secret amongst those looking for a more exclusive or ‘off the beaten path’ safari experience. This eight-day Pure South journey connects two of Southern Tanzania’s key areas into one seamless trip, these being Ruaha National Park and Nyerere National Park (formerly known as the Selous). For the intrepid adventurer seeking a diversity of safari activities and habitats to explore, this combination of destinations offers a range of safari options from walking and boating excursions in Nyerere to unrivalled photographic opportunities in Ruaha.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Jabali Ridge located?

    Jabali Ridge lies within Ruaha National Park, situated in the south of Tanzania.

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