Getting To Know : Amos Buhuru Rhobi

By Asilia Africa News | 18 December 2018

Meet The Team: Amos Bhuru Rhobi

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that many East African communities have poachers living within them who feel that this is theonly way they are going to be able to afford a decent life for themselves and their families. We as Asilia do all we can to uplift, empower, and educate the people from our surrounding communities and provide them with an opportunity to leave the life of poaching behind. This is the story of Amos Buhuru Rhobi – an ex-poacher who is now apart of the Asilia family!

Tell us a bit about yourself and what it is that you do?

I am Amos Buhuru Rhobi and Iused to be a poacher. I poached all sorts of animals including hares, buffaloes, wildebeest, impalas, andzebras, using all sorts of weapons like wires, spears, arrows, swords and even dogs. I was living the life of a fugitive, constantly running and hiding away from rangers and policemen. I soon realized that my lifestyle was placing myfamily’s life at risk as well.

How did your journey with Asilia begin?

Fortunately, my life was completely turned around when I became an Asilia employee. Working for the company has changed my life in so many ways. I was able to buy domestic animals and plots. I am now able to afford my children’s school fees as well.

How, would you say, you have benefited from working at Asilia Africa?

Working for Asilia has taught me the importance of protecting our wildlife. I now better understand that the creatures I used to kill, are a good resource for our country. I can support my family financially and I no longer have to hide away from anyone.

What is the most enjoyable thing about your work?

I love visiting the various Asilia camps across Tanzania and meeting people from around the world.

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