Ruaha Jabali Scenic
Ruaha Jabali Scenic

Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park in southern Tanzania is named after the Hehe word for 'river'.


The Great Ruaha River runs through this conservation area and is vital for the animals and communities outside its boundaries. Ruaha is the second-largest national park in Tanzania, home to many wildlife species. Due to its low visitor numbers, a safari here feels secluded and exclusive. During the dry season, the savannahs are golden and dotted with baobab trees, while misty hills stretch across the horizon. The annual rains bring lush green grasslands and nudge the ancient baobabs to bloom. 


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Top 5 reasons to go on a Ruaha safari

Remote and scenic landscapes: Ruaha is known for offering a rugged wilderness experience. Its dramatic terrain features rolling hills, large baobab trees, and the Great Ruaha River. This unspoiled natural beauty provides a backdrop for diverse wildlife and spectacular birdwatching, making it a hidden gem in Tanzania.  

Wildlife: Ruaha is a wildlife haven, hosting one of Tanzania’s largest elephant populations. Its vast landscapes are home to cheetah, lion, leopard, and endangered African wild dog. The park also supports a rich variety of birds, with over 570 species, making it a paradise for bird enthusiasts.  

Game Drives: Our expert guides will lead you on a safari adventure game drive through the Ruaha wilderness in search of magnificent herbivores, predators, and the diverse array of plains game that inhabit the park. Our game-viewing vehicles are open-sided and equipped with power points and fridges, ensuring comfort during your time in the bush. 

Walking Safaris: With an experienced and friendly guide, learn about ecology and the smaller fascinating creatures that make up this ecosystem. While surrounded by nature on a walking safari, revel in the silence of the bush, blissfully away from vehicle noise. 

Night Drives: Experience another perspective of Ruaha by taking a night drive. As the sun sets, you can witness the emergence of nocturnal creatures such as leopard, genet, serval, and civet who come out to hunt. Additionally, you may encounter bush babies, honey badger, mongoose and nocturnal birds like nightjars and owls. 

Boating Safaris: The Usangu wetland area boasts intricate waterways that swell and contract with the rainy season, making boating a must. Birds and elephant herds frequent the waterways; this adventure is best enjoyed from June to August, before the waterways become too shallow. 

Ruaha National Park Camps

The camps in Ruaha by Asilia are known for their uniqueness, romantic atmosphere, adventurous nature, and hospitable service. 

Ruaha National Park Itineraries

Make the most of your visit to Ruaha National Park with a personalised safari itinerary created by Asilia Africa. Our experienced trip planners will guide you throughout the process and offer expert recommendations to ensure an unforgettable safari. We have created these sample itineraries to ignite your imagination and spark inspiration to kickstart your planning.

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