Positive Impact

We empower crucial wilderness areas in East Africa, benefiting people and nature alike.

By making bold, and often pioneering, investments into areas that are ecologically and economically vulnerable, we aim to turn these areas into viable conservation economies, benefitting both the local communities as well as the environment.

We acknowledge that people and nature are inseparable partners, so we work closely with communities, authorities, NGOs and industry partners to achieve the best possible long-term outcomes for all concerned. With the help of our guests, who contribute a levy of US$5 for each night that they stay with us, we’re able to make the most significant positive impact towards our goal of empowering these areas, including the communities and wildlife that call them home.

Scroll down to read more about the projects that, together with the support of our guests, we’re able to contribute to, or visit AsiliaGiving to make a contribution.

Twende Porini

Twende Porini is our flagship environmental and community programme. Every year a group of children from local communities in the areas surrounding our camps are hosted for five days in one of our camps where they learn about wildlife and the environment. Lessons are combined with games and fun activities, including playing sports, talent shows, and storytelling to help the children learn about sustainable tourism and conservation, and the benefits that these have for them and their families. Check out the videos here.

Building a Brighter Future with our Partners

Meet Nailante and Sipanto, two Maasai girls in the Masai Mara, aged 12 and ten years old. They were about to be taken from school and married off for financial reasons when Asilia got an emergency appeal from the Maa Trust, our social development partner. Through AsiliaGiving we were able to make funds available for a multi-year scholarship for both girls who are now back in school and doing well.

Our continuous efforts to leave a positive impact are enhanced through our partners such as the Maa Trust who reach out to us whenever the need arises and allows us the opportunity to assist wherever possible.

Scholarships: Inspiring and Enabling Success

One activity that is very close to our hearts is our scholarship programme. Each year, we conduct interviews in the communities surrounding our camps to identify candidates who will receive scholarships for further education and training in the tourism industry. This successful project has resulted in 38 scholarships being awarded to date – a number that is growing all the time.

One example of the success of this programme is Lailatu, a remarkable young lady from a local community near Tarangire. She was the first ever Asilia scholarship student in Tanzania, and since graduating, she is now making a career as a chef at Dunia Camp, our all-women-camp in the Serengeti.

Mara Naboisho Conservancy

The Mara Naboisho Conservancy is a prime example of the power of partnership. Ten years ago, this critical 200km2 wildlife corridor bordering the famous Masai Mara Reserve was degraded and threatened as a result of intensive herding and various tourism activities. The roughly 500 families that lived in this region were facing dark times. Asilia took the lead and reached out to 5 other ecotourism operators, forming a community wildlife conservancy together with the local Maasai. Our camps Naboisho and Encounter Mara are found within this exceptional conservancy, helping to protect this precious wildlife habitat.

In 2016 the conservancy was named the Overall Winner of the African Responsible Tourism Awards in 2016 for its unique model of partnership that makes it so efficient. In the first five years of existence, the conservancy created over 300 new jobs, providing income to over 500 Maasai families and indirectly further benefitting the lives of approximately 10 000 people.