Roho ya Selous Scenic
Roho ya Selous Scenic

Nyerere National Park

Nyerere National Park (the Selous), Tanzania

Nyerere National Park, previously known as Selous Game Reserve, is the largest national park in Africa.

The park is situated in the southeastern region of Tanzania in East Africa.It's a lesser-known destination and, therefore, is less crowded than the popular northern parks in Tanzania, which gives it a wilder and more private atmosphere. The park is home to many species, including a good population of wild dogs and the Big 5, which reside in the Miombo woodlands and marshy floodplains.  

Nyerere National Park images and video

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Top 6 Reasons to go on a Nyerere Safari

Uncrowded Game Drives: Discover the wonders of Nyerere National Park and witness the majesty of its large herbivores and predators up close in our spacious seven-seater game vehicles with open sides. Our vehicles come equipped with canvas roofs, power points, and fridges, providing all the necessary amenities for a comfortable adventure in the wilderness for as long as you please. 

Wildlife: Nyerere is a sanctuary for diverse wildlife. It boasts a rich ecosystem where elephant, lion, leopard, hippo, and rare African wild dog thrive. The Rufiji River enriches the habitat, supporting a plethora of bird and aquatic species.  

Walking Safari: Embark on an exciting and educational journey by foot to discover the wildlife of Nyerere National Park up close. Gain insight into tracking animals through their footprints and droppings while observing the tiniest creatures, such as ants and butterflies. You may even witness larger animals passing by at a close distance. 

Conservation: Conservation efforts in Nyerere focus on preserving the vast biodiversity and combating poaching. Initiatives include habitat protection, wildlife monitoring, and community engagement programs. These actions aim to safeguard endangered species, such as African wild dogs and elephant, ensuring the park remains a haven for its unique wildlife.  

Boating: At Nyerere, unlike many Tanzanian safari destinations, you can enjoy relaxing boating safaris and, from a respectable distance, observe crocodile sunbathing on sandbanks, hippo splashing in the shallows, and elephant herds drinking at the water’s edge. 

Fishing: Experience a perfect combination of a boating safari and some fun catch-and-release fishing while exploring the rivers that provide a substantial population of tigerfish and catfish. 

Nyerere National Park Camps

When planning a visit to Nyerere, your travel season determines which of two airstrips you will arrive at. Both options are an approximately 90-minute drive from the camp. If your visit is scheduled between June and November, your airstrip will be Beho Beho. However, if you are visiting between December and March, you will fly into Mtemere. 

Nyerere National Park Itineraries

Experience Nyerere your way with a personalised safari itinerary tailored to your preferences, created by Asilia Africa. We will be with you every step of the way, offering expert guidance to ensure your safari is exceptional. Take inspiration from these sample itineraries to help you begin your journey. 

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