Maasai Tribe - Arusha
Maasai Tribe - Arusha

Arusha, Tanzania

Why go to Arusha


Arusha sits at the foot of Mount Meru, one of the highest mountains in Africa.

It is the gateway to some of Africa's most spectacular natural wonders, such as the Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and Mount Kilimanjaro. Arusha offers a range of activities, from hiking and wildlife viewing to cultural tours and coffee tastings.  

Where is Arusha?

Arusha is a city in northeastern Tanzania, situated at the base of Mount Meru. It serves as a crucial gateway to safari destinations in the region, including the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Mount Kilimanjaro—Africa’s highest peak. Known as the safari capital of Tanzania, Arusha’s location makes it a bustling hub for tourists preparing to explore some of Africa’s most famous landscapes and wildlife reserves.  

Top 5 things to see and do in Arusha

1. Arusha National Park

We’ll take you on an exciting Arusha safari in nearby Arusha National Park, where you’ll see soda lakes, flamingo, large mammals, and Mount Meru, Africa’s fifth-highest mountain. If you’re lucky, you’ll also take in the splendour of nearby Mount Kilimanjaro. 

2. Materuni Waterfalls and Kikuletwa Hot Springs

Experience the best of Arusha's outdoors on a full-day Arusha tour. Hike to the breathtaking Materuni Waterfalls, learn about the local coffee brewing industry, savour a locally made hot lunch, and swim in the refreshing waters of Kikuletwa Hot Springs.  

3. Coffee Plantation Walking Adventure

Famous for coffee production, Arusha is home to numerous plantations. A plantation walking tour will introduce you to the process, from growing a healthy coffee plant to achieving the perfect roast. Relax in the plantation gardens and sample the varieties.  

4. Tinga Tinga Art Class

Unlock your creativity, learning from a master Tinga Tinga artist about the traditions and lines of this artistic style. Vibrant colours and dotted patterns depict wildlife and scenes of East Africa. A fun, informative and light-hearted activity for children and adults alike, and a perfect way to spend an afternoon. 

5. Arusha Cultural Centre

The Arusha Cultural Centre is a shopping hub 2 kilometres (1.3 miles) from the town. Browse a unique collection of items, including works by local artisans and rare Tanzanian gemstones. Visit the centre's museum and art gallery that donates its proceeds to elephant conservation. 

Arusha Accommodation

Our Asilia-approved partner properties are excited to welcome you! Choose from the luxurious Arusha Villa, nestled on an enchanting coffee plantation with gorgeous vistas, the conveniently located Katambuga House near the airport, or the peaceful Rivertrees Country Inn. All have been carefully selected to ensure a delightful and memorable stay.  

Our Top Tanzanian Safari Itineraries

Complement your exciting Tanzanian safari with a stopover in Arusha. Based on your interests and travel preferences, our trip planners create a customised safari just for you. We recommend an itinerary combining culture and wildlife, so enjoy these sample itineraries. They will inspire you to start creating your Tanzanian adventures. 

Are you ready to begin planning your safari adventure?

Our knowledgeable safari planners at Asilia Africa are on standby to help you design an unforgettable itinerary to Arusha.

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