Twende Porini
Twende Porini

Asilia is B Corp Certified

Asilia is B Corp Certified

By Asilia Africa | 17 July 2023

Our B Corp Certification is something we’re extremely proud of. We’re part of a group of like-minded businesses that are using business as a force for good and who share a common goal and shared mission to create a lasting impact while balancing purpose and profit.

B Corp Certification builds on our many years of hard work to provide our guests with authentic safaris that have a positive impact on the people and places of East Africa, not to mention our efforts to contribute to conservation and community projects in the areas we operate in.

What is B Corp Certification?    

"B Corp certification turns the ambiguous concepts of "going green" or "being a good corporate citizen" into something tangible and measurable that people can identify, trust, and support."

B Corp Certification is achieved through the measurement of our business’ social and environmental impact. This means that in all areas of our business, we strive to be a force for good and effect positive change in the world.

The process to achieve and maintain certification is rigorous and must be met on an ongoing basis, with recertification required every three years. Everything from our governance (legal structure and decision-making processes), our employee policies and practices, our ethical and transparent dealings with our customers, and the way we engage and interact with the community and environment have all been rigorously assessed to ensure we meet the high standards of performance, transparency and accountability.

What does this mean for Asilia?

Responsible and sustainable practices have always been at the core of Asilia’s philosophy, so B Corp Certification was a logical next step for us.

As a proud Certified B Corporation, we are committed to making bold and often pioneering investments into regions that are ecologically and economically vulnerable. We aim to turn these areas into viable conservation economies, benefitting both local communities as well as the environment. 

We acknowledge that people and nature are inseparable partners and therefore work closely with communities, authorities, NGOs, and industry partners to achieve the best possible long-term outcomes for all concerned. 

Join us in our mission to create a positive and sustainable future for all. Together we can make a genuine difference. 


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