My Twende Porini Trip

By Wandering Maasai | 27 January 2017

My name is Winfrida Kembo. I come from Mbalibali village. I am a 13 years old pupil studying at Mbalibali primary school.

Going to Twende Porini was my first time going into the bush. It was also my first time going into a vehicle and wearing a seatbelt. I stayed in the camp for 4 nights.

I liked everything. The rooms and food were amazing. I love all Asilia staff who took care of us. All the guides; Kivuyo, Shatri, Ema, Joseph, Carlson – they taught us many things about wildlife.

They showed us different wildlife like elephants, rhinos, lions, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, topis, elands, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, vultures, and many more.

For the first time in my life Carlson taught me how to use a binocular.

I liked all about Solar. He was our perfect teacher. He taught us about health and hygiene, conservation, tourism. He also taught us about good manners. He insisted on us to continue studying very hard.

I liked Michelle very much. She taught us how to use cameras and how to take good pictures of everything.

Am going to pray hard for Asilia to continue with the same spirit of helping local communities. Am also going to tell good stories about the bush and Asilia to my friends, parents and relatives.

Poaching steals from us all – Ujangili Unatuumiza sote…!!

Let’s go to the bush – Twende Porini…!!

My name is Charles Marwa. I am 12 years old; standard 5 from Kitunguruma primary school. I liked Twende Porini.

I liked wildlife and how the environment was kept clean. I liked our hosts; Solar and all Asilians. I liked the guides; Kivuyo, Shatri, Joseph, Carlson and Ema. They took us from the village and also took us for game drives. They showed us and taught us a lot about wildlife. We saw everything except the wildebeests.

My favorite wildlife is a male lion because is the king of the jungle. I also like ostrich because it is the biggest bird in Tanzania and probably in the world.

I like and feel sorry for the elephants and rhinos because poachers kill them just for their horns leaving the whole creature tortured and dead.

I also liked Solar’s lectures on health and hygiene; how to take care of our environment and how to stop poaching.

I learnt many things that I did not know before. I feel lucky and changed!! When I go back to my village and school I will spread the word. I will start with my parents and friends. I will show them how to manage wastes. I will tell them that if we take a good care of our environment we will stay free from diseases. I will also ask them to go ask their friends to stop poaching; because poaching steals from us all.

Twende Porini kwa raha zetu – Let’s go to the bush to enjoy!!

My name is Elizabeth. I am 10 years old. I come from Merenga primary school. I enjoyed Twende Porini a lot because it was a different experience to me. Being in the cars; seeing animals; the food; the cleanliness of the room and general environment. I really liked staying at Sayari. I am sure I will come back again to this place. I am waiting to go tell my mama how this place was very interesting.

Ujangili unatuumiza sote – Paoching steals from us all!

I am Grace; 9 years old. I come from Kitunguruma village. I will never forget about Twende Porini in my whole life. Everything was new to me. Everything was well planned.

I feel blessed more than any other kid in my village. My teacher told me that I will attend Twende Porini because I did well in class. I will keep on studying hard and pass my exams. I want to come back to Sayari next time.

Eliya taught me how to use the camera. Rosemary was my best friend; she taught me all about health and hygiene. Solar was always there to make sure that everything was okay.

I love wildlife. I love Asilia. I will tell everyone about them.

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