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By John Baumann | 26 June 2023


In 2010, the Mara Naboisho Conservancy was founded, as a community came together to find a sustainable financial solution that would benefit the land and wildlife, whilst providing them with a reliable form of income. Asilia was proud to be there at the start, an original member of the new partnership, opening Naboisho Camp the following year. Now, 12 years later, Naboisho Camp is on the rise.

The entrance to the lounge and dining area at Naboisho Camp.

The entrance to the lounge and dining area at Naboisho Camp.

A time for change

Since its original opening in 2011, there have been a number of upgrades and improvements made to Naboisho Camp. Charging points were added to the guest tents, and the traditional bucket showers were replaced with solar heated hot running water. In 2019, a swimming pool and beautiful poolside lounge were added, however, the structure of the existing guest tents and main areas remained largely unchanged. After 12 years of operation, the decision was made to not only renovate the camp, but elevate it to become our flagship property in Kenya. Three months were set aside to complete the renovations, which started with the area receiving the heaviest amount of traffic – the lounge and dining space. The basic structure of this area has remained in-tact, but the interior has received new stone flooring and two additional fireplaces, ramping up the level of cosiness for those cooler evenings. All furnishings and lighting fixtures have been refreshed, and a wraparound wooden deck now offers a variety of new al fresco dining opportunities. The revision has transformed the lounge and dining area into an environment that is not only comfortable and homely, but one that also oozes safari style and sophistication, with service levels to match.

Looking through the refurbished lounge towards the dining room.

The lounge, complete with two fireplaces, with the dining area on the far side and the new deck out front.

The camp still consists of a total of nine guest units, all of which have been completely rebuilt with a slight elevation to offer improved views of the Naboisho valley. Two new family suites have been expanded to feel more like a private villa than a guest tent. Each family suite features two bedrooms with full en suite bathrooms complete with outdoor side-by-side showers. Between the two bedrooms, but under the same roof, is a shared lounge and dining space which opens onto a wooden veranda running the length of the unit. The attention to detail and considered design makes these units perfect for friends travelling together, as well as families looking for a private and unique safari experience. The remaining seven tents are light, considerably more spacious that their predecessors, and beautifully furnished with strong East African flavours. The bathrooms mimic the design of the family suites, offering fully plumbed outdoor side-by-side showers in addition to an indoor shower. The canvas zip-up entrances to the rooms have been replaced with glass sliding doors, creating easy access and a sense of allowing the outdoors into the room. Outside the doors, a private veranda offers seating to enjoy a morning cup of coffee accompanied by the dawn chorus, or a quiet space to relax with a good book between game drives.

The family suites feature full bathrooms, complete with outdoor showers.

The family suites offer full bathroom facilities, complete with side-by-side outdoor showers.

The elevated tents allow for views across the Naboisho valley.

Glass sliding doors allow for uninterrupted views from the bed at all times. 

Welcome home

Despite the changes and improvements made to the guest units, and the interior changes made to the lounge and dining area, Naboisho Camp has managed to retain the original charm and genuine homeliness which has long been associated with the camp. The shared spaces are warm and comfortable, an environment which encourages a lingering stay, meaningful conversation, and perhaps another drink by the fire. The poolside lounge has received a soft refurbishment but being a newer structure, did not require the same level of work as the other areas. More than the physical structures of the camp, it is the spirit and personalities of each of the staff members that ultimately creates the unique experience Naboisho Camp offers. Many of the staff are from the surrounding communities and have witnessed firsthand the positive impact the creation of the conservancy has had on the livelihoods of their families. Naboisho is their home, and they are proud to share it with you.

“We feel like we’re part of the family, returning home whenever we arrive”

Marilyn & Jeff, multiple repeat guests

Guests enjoying a drink at sunset on the plains of the Mara Naboisho Conservancy.

Sundowners on the open plains of the Mara Naboisho Conservancy.

The first images of the new Naboisho Camp are now available, offering a glimpse into the redesign and refurbishments that have taken place. More images will be coming in the following weeks, especially of the new family suites, so stay tuned.


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