Rekero Reimagined

By John Baumann | 25 March 2024


For 37 years, Rekero Camp has been a firm-favourite amongst the camps of the Masai Mara, seeing the highest number of repeat guests across the Asilia portfolio. In June 2024, the camp will start the season with a fresh new look after having received a significant refurbishment. Read on for an overview of things to come…

The new layout improves all views from the main area of the camp.

Rekero Camp, offering spectacular views over the Talek River.  

Lounge and Dining

The original layout of the lounge and dining area saw a T-shaped configuration, where the lounge sat parallel to the Talek River, opening onto the deck, while the dining area sat perpendicular to the lounge, with limited views of the river beyond. The changes for 2024 will see the deck being extensively enlarged to allow the lounge and dining area to sit alongside each other, both parallel to the river and opening onto the new deck.

The lounge and dining area will now sit side-by-side.

The lounge and dining area will now both enjoy deck access and views of the river.

The improved decking area offers sufficient depth for communal al fresco lunches, or for private outdoor tables when special occasions are being celebrated. Vantage points for viewing river crossings and the hippo pools below have been improved, offering more space and seating for enjoying the wildlife spectacle visible from Rekero Camp. Importantly, no trees are being removed, as this new area was designed and angled to fit perfectly into the existing riverine forest, capitalising on the shade provided.

The new deck offers significantly more space.

The spacious deck provides outdoor dining opportunities and excellent vantage points of the river.

The interior spaces of the lounge and dining area are being completely refreshed. With a focus on the natural elements of the river, the look and feel will be light and relaxing, bringing the beauty of the surroundings and the natural light into the open spaces. All existing furniture is being repurposed and reused, lovingly restored to an original condition and reupholstered in line with the new colour tones.

The new dining area is significantly lighter.

The improved position of the dining area creates a lighter setting with views across the river.

Family Units

The two family units are being completely replaced and rebuilt with a larger footprint, but their location and orientation within the camp will remain the same. The key aims for these units was to provide a second bathroom and make the interiors considerably lighter and airier. The main bedroom features a veranda facing towards the river with a new central sitting room situated between the two bedrooms.

The Family Units feature a new entrance opening into the shared sitting room.

The entrance to the Family Unit opens into a shared lounge between the main and second bedroom.

The sitting room is a new addition to the family units and serves as the main entrance to the unit. As well as providing a comfortable and relaxed space for morning coffees or afternoon board games, it gives families a chance to enjoy each other’s company in private. The second bedroom will be en suite and can be configured as a twin, double, or triple. While this room does not feature a veranda, it can still be used by a second adult couple. Large windows throughout the unit will make the space lighter, bringing the surrounding forest into the rooms.

The second bedroom can be arranged in twin, double, or triple configuration.

The second bedroom, configured as a twin, but can also be arranged as a double or triple.

Standard Tents

In keeping with the aim throughout most of the camp, the standard tents will be focussing on a lighter and brighter approach, whilst the overall layout remains the same. Dark wooden furniture is being removed, to be replaced with lighter mango wood options. Windows are being largened, introducing more light to the rooms, and all interior furnishings will be refreshed with soft tones to create a relaxed and welcoming environment. The bathrooms will see the most changes, with the introduction of dividers and wooden screens to create additional privacy.

Standard Tents will be refurbished to be lighter and airier.

Standard Tents are light and airy, with views of the Talek River.

Enjoy a walk-through of the changes underway at Rekero.

Consider the All Asilia Kenya Circuit for some itinerary inspiration as you start your planning process, or chat to us directly to create an adventure best suited to you. We are extremely excited to usher in this new era for Rekero Camp, and cannot wait to welcome both new and returning guests into the elevated experience that is Rekero Reimagined. 

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