Best Family Safari Camps and Lodges in Tanzania and Kenya

By | 25 March 2024

Is a safari a good holiday for a family? 

Embark on an unparalleled family adventure where you and your kids can explore the wild beauty of Kenya and Tanzania on a safari tailored to your comfort and needs. Spending quality time together on a family safari is a remarkable bonding adventure. It is crucial that your accommodation is family-appropriate and has essential separate amenities to complement your sleeping arrangements. The kids can also enjoy exciting and educational activities designed to engage and educate them about these countries' rich cultures and iconic wildlife. They can learn about traditional hunting tools, tracking animals, and more. Together, you can witness the spectacular wildlife guided by expert and family-friendly guides.

What makes a child-friendly safari?

Choosing the best safari lodge for kids in Kenya and Tanzania can be daunting. The most crucial criteria are location and comfort, including child-friendly activities. The prime location of the family safari lodge is vital because it determines the quality of wildlife viewing. Family-style comfort is critical, with the best African safari lodges for families offering spacious accommodations and en-suite bathroom amenities. Swimming pools are a welcome facility for everyone. The creativity and variety of educational adventures for the kids to have fun are essential. Game drives, night drives, walking safaris, hot-air balloon excursions, fascinating cultural visits and more should be on the menu of pleasurable pastimes.

Top kid-friendly camps and lodges in Kenya

Ol Pejeta Bush Camp 

Ol Pejeta Bush Camp is an authentic tented camp, located within the Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy, a sanctuary protecting and conserving rhinos and chimpanzees. The Conservancy offers several conservation experiences that families can participate in to meet the world's last two northern white rhinos. It is an excellent destination for families, allowing children to learn about wildlife and the local community.

  • Spacious and eco-friendly tents along the Ewaso Ngiro River
  • A chance to see the last two northern white rhinos in the world
  • Fun and educational activities for kids, such as the Junior Ranger Programme

Naboisho Camp

Naboisho Camp is a cosy, boutique and elegant camp in the private Mara Naboisho Conservancy beside the famous Masai Mara, where you can enjoy exclusive family-style accommodation, diverse wildlife sightings and authentic, educational, and cultural interactions with the Maasai people. The region has one of the highest lion concentrations in the world.

  • It has two spacious family suites with en-suite bathrooms and outdoor showers.
  • Various activities for all ages are offered, such as walking safaris, night drives, fly camping, and horse riding.
  • The camp offers a swimming pool, a lounge area, and a battery-charging facility for convenience and comfort.

Encounter Mara

Encounter Mara is a family-friendly camp in the private Mara Naboisho Conservancy beside the famous Masai Mara Reserve. This beautiful boutique camp offers an authentic family-style safari experience, incredible wildlife viewing, bush walks, night drives, and authentic and educational cultural visits. Families can enjoy spacious tents, delicious food, and friendly service.

  • Eco-friendly tents with private bathrooms and views of the wildlife.
  • Fun and educational activities for kids, such as nature walks, cultural visits, and wildlife spotting.
  • Exclusive access to a pristine and uncrowded conservancy with abundant wildlife and scenery.

Rekero Camp

Rekero Camp is ideal for families with kids who love nature and adventure. Located in the heart of the Masai Mara, the boutique camp offers family-style spacious tents, friendly service, and stunning views of the wildlife. Watch the wildebeest migration on exciting game drives and learn about the captivating Maasai culture.

  • Explore the Masai Mara National Reserve on game drives and see various wildlife, including lion, elephant, giraffe, wildebeest, zebra, and more.
  • Experience the thrill of flying in a hot air balloon over the savannahs and witnessing the Great Migration from above, ending your adventure with a sumptuous breakfast on the plains with the animals.
  • Learn about the Maasai culture and visit a local village or school.
  • The kids can join the guides in making and using a bow and arrow, a traditional Maasai skill.

Top kid-friendly camps and lodges in Tanzania

Sayari Camp

Located in the northern Serengeti, Sayari Camp is an award-winning, stylish and stunning camp that offers luxurious family-style tented suites, incredible views, and the chance to witness the spectacle of the Great Migration and the gripping wildebeest and zebra Mara River crossings. Families can enjoy thrilling game drives, educational walking safaris, and hot-air balloon adventures.

  • Sayari is an award-winning camp in the northern Serengeti.
  • The camp offers luxurious tented suites and incredible wildlife and savannah views.
  • Guests can witness the spectacle of the Great Migration and the Mara River crossings of wildebeests and zebras.
  • Families can enjoy thrilling game drives, educational walking safaris, and hot-air balloon adventures.

Oliver's Camp

The boutique, authentic and comfortable Oliver’s Camp lies in the remote south-eastern area of Tarangire National Park. It is superb for adventurous families who want to see elephants, buffaloes, lions, leopards, zebras, giraffes and other iconic species. Families can enjoy guided game drives, exciting walking safaris, night drives, and hot-air balloon safaris.

  • Oliver’s Camp is a boutique, authentic and comfortable safari camp.
  • The camp is superb for adventurous families who want to see iconic wildlife.
  • Families can enjoy guided game drives, the best way to explore the park and see the animals up close.
  • Experience exciting walking safaris, night drives, and hot-air balloon safaris.

The Highlands

Set at altitude on the edge of the extinct Olmoti volcano, The Highlands offers dome-shaped tents with wood-burning stoves, en-suite bathrooms, and panoramic views. Families can explore the Ngorongoro Crater on exciting game drives, hike into the Empakaai Crater to see the flocks of pink flamingos and visit the local Maasai community.

  • Stay in unique dome-shaped tents with cosy amenities and stunning savannah views.
  • Experience the wildlife and natural wonders of the Ngorongoro and Empakaai craters on game drives and hikes.
  • Learn about the culture and traditions of the Maasai people and interact with them.

Tips for family safaris

An East African safari is a dream adventure for many families but requires careful planning and preparation. Here are some tips to make your trip memorable and safe.

  • Pack lightweight and loose-fitting neutral-coloured clothing. Bright colours are discouraged as they may attract the attention of some animals and insects.
  • You will need comfortable walking shoes or trainers, hats or peak caps, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, binoculars, cameras, and chargers.
  • Select lodges, camps, and hotels offering family-style interleading tents or bedrooms.
  • Ensure they have family-friendly facilities and services like pools and offer educational and fun kid-friendly activity programmes.
  • Always follow your guides' and drivers' instructions and advice.

Ready to begin planning your dream kid-friendly safari?

Safaris are incredibly bonding, educational and fun-filled adventures. These excursions require extra-special planning and preparation. Our experienced safari design teams would be thrilled to assist you in planning the perfect family journey. Please use our cost-saving All Asilia offer, which includes free inter-camp flights and road transfers. Let us help you plan your dream family safari - enquire now

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