Who says women cannot guide?

By Asilia Africa News | 24 May 2017

By PietroLuraschi

I often tell guides that women can be much better guides than men; they have a much gentler touch, no testosterone involved, no showing off and playing the big macho bushman.

However, they never believe me until they see it with their own eyes.

We started training ladies three years ago, we started with one the first year, then we increased to two during the second season and now we work with 4 fully qualified female guides and one who is at the trainee guide stage. We are proud to have taken thisbig step forward, it is a path that will not be reversed. A path to equality and self-empowerment.

We don’t make guides, and specifically, we do not create female guides, we give all of our trainees the same tools to help them on their journey.

We believe in parity, we believe that women do not need any extra help to get to the top. We believe in openly inviting women to join us to break that veil of cultural resistance that stops capable ladies fulfilling their dreams.

What I have seen over the years is that often, women are discouraged by family and friends to choose the guiding path. As Asilia,we believe in showing that we love having women guides and hope that bymaking this statement, we help to make careers in guiding more acceptable for women, making it easier for people with a guiding vocation to pursue their dreams.

There is no bigger satisfaction than to train guides, especially ladies and see them thrive when everybody had told them that was not for them. The joy in their eyes, the enthusiasm, and the pride the exudate is unbelievable.

“Woman cannot change a tire…”, “Woman cannot dig a car out of the mud…”, “Woman cannot carry a rifle…”, “Woman will scream and panic in front of a charging animal…”, “Woman cannot be authoritative…”.

These incredibly strong women have heard the following phrases time and time again but have not let that stop them from achieving what it is that they want to achieve – and we can only applaud them and do all we can to help!

Listen to Nsiande tell us about her journey to becoming a female guide.

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