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When to Travel to Acacia and Mara House

There’s lots to see all year round in the Mara. From July to October (peak season), the wildebeest migration herds arrive. July and August are particularly busy months, while December to June is Green Season, with far fewer people in the Mara.  

Why to travel at this time

The Mara isn’t so busy during these months, in part due to the absence of the wildebeest herds. There’s still lots of wildlife to spot though, including big cats, giraffe, elephant and, if you’re lucky, black rhino. This is also when many animals give birth to their young. Migratory birds are in the region during these months, too. The clear skies and flowers that spring up after the short rains of November and December make for good photographic conditions.  


January and February are mostly dry with the long rains beginning in March. It is the hottest time of year with an average high of 28°C/82°F in February. The average minimum is 13°C/55°F from January to March.  

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