Hot Air Ballooning
Hot Air Ballooning

Hot-air Balloon Safaris

Indulge in an unforgettable hot-air balloon safari, marvelling at the wildlife from aloft. Don't let this unique adventure float away without you!

As the hot-air balloon safari pilot inflates the gigantic balloon one last time, you feel a particular thrill permeate your body as you begin to float upwards into the crisp early morning skies above the endless animal-infused savannahs of Tanzania’s Serengeti and Kenya’s Masai Mara. Typically designed for a small group of adventurers, your hot-air balloon safari takes you above and beyond the expected. This experience guarantees you a visual perspective that adds an additional layer of excitement to an already superbly varied Asilia safari programme.

As you soar silently over the iconic landscapes of the Serengeti and Masai Mara, you appreciate more fully the enormity of the vast landscape. The perspective offers a sense of the distance needing to covered by the migrating herds, and the challenges wildlife must overcome to survive. A hot-air balloon safari offers a unique vantage point as you glide over wildlife, witnessing their daily struggles and the photo opportunities these present.

A hot-air balloon safari provides the ultimate panorama of the world’s most spectacular animal migration. It leaves you in complete awe regarding their sheer will to survive. A hot-air balloon safari in Kenya and Tanzania is one of the most highly recommended experiences to add to your adventure-filled wildlife-viewing activities.

Where to go on a Hot-Air Balloon Safari

Many of our beautiful boutique Asilia camps can offer hot-air balloon safaris that launch early to catch the glorious sunrises. We always advise you to bring layers of clothing, as it can be chilly aloft. It’s a wonderfully romantic experience that culminates with a delicious and hearty champagne breakfast on the open plains.

The excursions are weather dependent and may be cancelled if conditions are too windy or rainy. Please chat with our friendly and knowledgeable safari planners to help you create the best itinerary to include this unforgettable adventure. Third parties operate these sky excursions.

If you want us to help you create an unforgettable hot-air balloon safari, contact one of our expert trip planners today. We're here to assist you in crafting your perfect adventure.

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