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Dunia Camp

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania


Dunia, in Tanzania’s central Serengeti, is well placed for wildlife spotting. During the annual Great Migration, guests can watch giant herds of wildebeest moving through the area right from camp. Farther afield, you may spot lions using the granite boulders of Moru Kopjes to scan the plains for prey.

About DUNIA Camp

Our hospitable staff will do everything to ensure your comfort. Dunia is the only camp in Africa run entirely by women and the team is an inspirational example of what women can achieve in a male-dominated industry.

  • Calendar

    Open year round

  • Airplane

    Closest airstrip: Seronera, 45-minutes drive from camp

  • 1 Families

    Families: children aged five and older

  • 43 Migration Season

    March to June, November to December

18. Dunia The Team
11. Dunia Camp Sundowner Serengeti

Accommodation AT dunia Camp

Take a look around

  • 18. Dunia The Team

    Dunia Camp - Meet the angels of the Serengeti, our wonder women at Dunia!

  • 1. Dunia Exterior Room

    Dunia Camp - Beautiful settings at Dunia Camp as the sun sets

  • Dunia Tent Deck Exterior

    Your private deck is perfect for an afternoon siesta or just to relax in peace.

  • Dunia View From The NEW Lounge Area

    Dunia Camp - Nights in the main lounge area are simply beautiful

  • Dunia Guest Tent Interior

    Dunia Camp - The spacious and inviting bedrooms at Dunia

  • 20. Dunia Tent Exterior

    Dunia Camp - Your room lit up at night as the sun sets

  • 17. Dunia Female Guide Zawadi

    Dunia Camp - Zawadi heading out on a game drive

  • 11. Dunia Camp Sundowner Serengeti

    Dunia Camp - Enjoy sundowners atop one of our many famous kopjes in the bush

  • 12. Dunia Camp Guests Game Drive Bush Bucks

    Dunia Camp - Heading out on a game drive to explore the Serengeti region

  • 15. Dunia Wildeebeast

    Dunia Camp - The Great Migration herds passing through the region close to Dunia

  • Dunia BRAND NEW Lounge Area Interior Looking Through To Dining Area

    Dunia Game - The lounge area lit up at night

  • 19. Dunia Tent Deck Exterior

    Dunia Camp - Enjoy the most beautiful views of the region from your private deck and room

  • Dunia BRAND NEW Lounge And Dining Area With Camp Fire Set Up

    Dunia Camp - Ending off the night with a drink by the fire pit

  • Dunia Bush Breakfast In The Serengeti

    Dunia Camp - An early start to the day with breakfast being served outside

  • Dunia Sundowner Drinks On The Deck

    Dunia Camp - Your private deck is the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in the mornings.

  • Dunia Camp - Family room

    Dunia Camp - The family room at Dunia with a separate room for the kids

  • Dunia Tea Time With View From The Main Area Deck Onto The Serengeti

    Dunia Camp - Unbelievably beautiful views of the Serengeti from the lounge area

  • Dunia Camp - Bedroom exterior

    Dunia Camp - Spend some time relaxing on your private deck in the evenings

  • 13. Dunia Game Drive Vehicle

    Dunia Camp - taking a moment to survey the surrounding scenery

  • Dunia View From Guest Tent. Jpg

    Dunia Camp - Soak up the magical skies as the sun sets over the Serengeti

  • Dunia Sundowners In The Bush

    Dunia Camp - Enjoying drinks in the bush, a great way to stop and enjoy the moment

  • 14. Dunia Leopard

    Dunia Camp - A lone leopard spotted while out on a game drive

  • 16. Dunia Camp Central Serengeti Migration

    Dunia Camp - The migratory herds graze peacefully as you pass by on a game drive

  • Dunia Camp - Guest bedroom

    Dunia Camp - Your bathroom at Dunia

  • The Great Migration Asilia (8) Wildebeest Crossing The River 2
    The Great Migration - Northern Serengeti Youtube Video Play

    The Great Migration - Northern Serengeti

  • Game Drives Gallery
    Game Drives with Asilia Youtube Video Play

    Game Drives with Asilia



Accommodation & Amenities

Eight spacious tents overlook the Serengeti National Park’s vast golden plains. Kick back on your private terrace or in the open-sided main tent with a chilled G&T and enjoy the peace and stillness. Opt to start your day soaring over the plains in a hot-air balloon and end it dining under the stars in the bush.  

  • Tents

    8 tents (including 1 family tent)

  • 3 En Suite Bathrooms

    En-suite bathrooms

  • 13 Shower 2

    Hot-water showers and bath

  • 24 Flushing Toilets

    Flushing toilets

  • Complimentary Laundry Service

    Complimentary laundry service

  • 6 In Room Safe

    In-room safe

  • 26 Solar&Generatorpower 2

    Solar power

  • Battery Charging Facilities

    USB charger and battery-charging facilities in every room



We have seven spacious and airy tents, each with a king-sized bed and an en suite bathroom with a hot-water shower and flushing toilet. We also have a larger tent with separate bedrooms for families. Spend siesta time on your private deck looking out over the Serengeti plains. 

6. Dunia Interior Room
19. Dunia Tent Deck Exterior


Location of Dunia Camp

Dunia is in the central Serengeti, part of Tanzania’s famous Serengeti National Park, surrounded by golden savannah. Twice per year, this area sees millions of wildebeest, zebras and gazelles passing through on their constant migration around the Serengeti and Kenya’s Masai Mara. If you’re lucky, you won’t even need to leave camp to watch the vast herds grazing. 

The camp is ideally placed to explore three excellent game viewing areas: Seronera, the Moru Kopjes and the southern Serengeti plains. The Seronera River is a gathering place for lots of wildlife, providing ample opportunity for spotting predators in action. The Moru Kopjes are a cluster of old granite boulders, favoured by big cats that like to use them as lookout points. You might even spot the rare black rhino. The southern plains are covered in lush grass between December and May, perfect for calving wildebeest. 

18. Sayari Camp Bush Dining
Sayari Great Migration Gtsayariselects 90


Where the safari comes to you

The safari comes right to Dunia, with the migrating wildebeest herds regularly passing the camp. Outside of the migration, there’s plenty more opportunity for wildlife spotting, too. During downtime, sink into a leather armchair with a cold drink in the open-sided dining tent and scan the sun-bleached plains for movement or get lost in a great book before retiring to your tent for an afternoon snooze. 

10. Dunia Breakfast With An All Women Staffed Camp
15. Dunia Wildeebeast


A typical day on safari at Dunia Camp

We start the day early to find animals when they are most active, heading out on safari around dawn and again at dusk. Timing varies according to the season, but guests can expect the following from typical day on safari.

Start your day bright and early with a wake-up call and tea or coffee. Enjoy breakfast before departure for your morning game drive (or have it packed as a picnic to take with you). You'll arrive back in camp mid-morning, with a chance to freshen up before lunch. 

After a leisurely lunch, enjoy siesta. Read a book or just relax and enjoy the views from your private viewing deck. Refuel with afternoon tea and then depart for your afternoon/evening game drive with sundowners. You’ll be back in time for drinks at the bar and dinner – the perfect chance to unwind after a long day in the bush. If you have a private vehicle, you can plan your day with your guide.

9. Dunia Breakfast Set Up
12. Dunia Camp Guests Game Drive Bush Bucks


Game drives

Head out early in the morning to see predators at their most active. A second game drive departs in the late afternoon as temperatures begin to cool. We’ll stop for sundowners as dusk sets in. Seronera, the southern Serengeti and Moru Kopjes are all within easy reach, each known for great wildlife sightings. 

Our vehicles are either open-sided or closed with roof hatches allowing you to stand for a better view. They are all fitted with charging points and fridges, so you can easily spend a whole day on safari.  

13. Dunia Game Drive Vehicle
17. Dunia Female Guide Zawadi


Hot-air balloon rides

Watch the sunrise as you glide over the Serengeti plains. Whether you’re on a romantic holiday or a special family trip, this is an epic way to start the day. Hot-air balloon rides are at an additional cost and are weather dependent.  

Balloon Central Serengeti


Photographic safaris

Nearby Namiri Plains is home to one of our specially modified photographic vehicles. The open vehicle allows keen amateurs and professional photographers alike to shoot at eye level with wildlife. It is equipped with all the gear to ensure award-winning shots — from beanbags and camera rests to 360° swivel seats. You can read more about the vehicle here. Please enquire to ensure availability of the vehicle and confirm any additional fees. 

Photography (1)


Family safaris

We are delighted to welcome children over the age of 5 and have a larger family tent with separate bedrooms that can accommodate up to five people. We do not have a specific programme for children at Dunia, but our staff and guides strive to entertain all ages. We may be able to make exceptions to our age limit, so please enquire if you need assistance. Additionally, we may also be able to arrange a private vehicle for your family. Please chat to your agent about your options. 

Family Safari
Family Safari (2)


Meals and refreshments

The food at Dunia is prepared on-site by our chefs. During the rainy season, we buy fresh vegetables from the communities around Mugumu and source the rest of our food as locally as possible. Start the morning with a hearty cooked breakfast on the deck overlooking the Serengeti plains. Alternatively, you can eat when you return from your game drive or we’ll pack breakfast for to enjoy in the bush.  

Lunch is a light buffet at camp or packed up for those who want to spend a full day out in the bush. A relaxed dinner is served at camp after the evening game drive, or opt to have a bush dinner under the stars.  

Please let us know your dietary requirements ahead of arrival and we’ll be happy to accommodate. 

10. Dunia Breakfast With An All Women Staffed Camp
Dunia Sundowners In The Bush

When to go

What to expect during the year

Peak season in the Serengeti is June to October when it’s driest, but there’s plenty to see all year round.

The Great Migration wildebeest herds are within driving distance of Dunia Camp for most of the year except August to October, when they have crossed the Mara River into the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. The busiest months for tourism are July and August. If you’re looking for fewer crowds, we recommend travelling at a different time of year, if possible.

  • January - March

    Why travel at this time

    The wildebeest herds are calving in the southern Serengeti. There’s a dry spell in January and February between the short and long rains, which begin in March. Migratory birds are in the Serengeti during this period.


    The long rains begin in March, with showers expected in January and February. The average maximum temperature is 27°C/81°F and with lows around 15°C/59°F.

    • Min Temp Range

      Low temp: 17°C / 61°F

    • Max Temp Range

      High temp: 27°C / 81°F

    • Rainy Seasons

      Rainfall: 135mm / 5.3in

  • April - June

    Why travel at this time

    April and May are when the long rains fall. It’s the best time to safari with minimal crowds and take advantage of low season rates. It doesn’t rain all day and the wildebeest herds will be moving northward at this time, arriving in the central Serengeti, around Dunia Camp. June is quite dry, and the summer holiday crowds have yet to arrive in the Serengeti.


    April is the wettest month of the year, with less rain in May and hardly any by June. The average high is around 26°C/79°F with lows between 16°C/61°F in April and 14°C/57°F in June.

    • Min Temp Range

      Low temp: 15°C / 59°F

    • Max Temp Range

      High Temp: 26°C / 77°F

    • Rainy Seasons

      Rainfall: 141mm / 5.6in

  • July - September

    Why travel at this time

    This is peak season in the Serengeti, but the focus of tourism is mostly in the northern parts of the park, where the wildebeest herds can be seen crossing the river into Kenya. The dry conditions make for good wildlife viewing, as the grass is short and animals gather around waterholes. 


    July through September is the driest time of year, with little rainfall. The temperature high ranges from 24°C/75°C in July to 26°C/79°F in September, with lows dipping to an average 13°C/55°F. 

    • Min Temp Range

      Low temp: 14°C / 57°F

    • Max Temp Range

      High temp: 25°C / 77°F

    • Rainy Seasons

      Rainfall: 33mm / 1.2in

  • October - December

    Why travel at this time

    Peak season is over and it gets a bit quieter in the Serengeti. The wildebeest herds are arriving back in the central Serengeti around Dunia. The migratory birds start to flock in with the short rains, which turns the landscape green again after the dry season.


    The short rains usually start in late October or November, lasting for a month. The most rainfall occurs in December. The temperature high is around 27°C/81°F, with an average low of 15°C/59°F.

    • Min Temp Range

      Low temp: 15°C / 59°F

    • Max Temp Range

      High temp: 27°C / 81°F

    • Rainy Seasons

      Rainfall: 95mm / 3.7in

Guest reviews

Words can’t do this place justice. The staff are absolutely top notch, friendly and attentive. The tents are fantastic and the food is excellent. The after dinner singing and joviality are unique. Asilia know a lot about quality experiences and this was definitely quality.
Travel F
Tripadvisor 1
Had an excellent time at Dunia, lovely location, great set up, beautiful views and the staff are a lot of fun! The chef, Grace, makes excellent food which is not to be missed out on! We went on a safari for my mother's birthday and they actually made the effort of making a lovely cake! The singing and dancing was lovely, and the rooms were very sophisticated, and we had regular wildlife visits.
Tripadvisor 1
We spent 2 nights in Dunia camp and had a wonderful stay, the all-female staff is absolutely amazing, led by wonderful camp manager Angel, kind, friendly, helpful and dedicated, we had the best customer service. The camp offers a proper safari experience, with incredible view over Serengeti, delicious food and you are guaranteed to hear some animals at night, I highly recommend it!
Tripadvisor 1

Special offers

Special offers now available

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When would you like to go?

Below, choose your travel dates for an estimated accommodation cost per person sharing, or scroll down for a table of high and low season rates.

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  • Rate includes

    Full board accommodation, house drinks, limited laundry service, game drives, transfer to/from nearest airstrip

  • Rate excludes

    Park and camping fees, flight and airport taxes, gratuities and items of a personal nature, private vehicle, conservation levy

  • Budget factors

    Special offers may apply. Contact us for the best available rates. Last minute offers and long-stay rates may apply.

Rates and Seasonality

  • High season: 01 Jun 2022 - 31 Oct 2022 Rate: US$938

    What to expect

    • Great time to see big cats

    • Black rhino sightings

    • Increased tourist volumes

    • Min Temp Range

      Low Temp: 14°C / 57°F

    • Max Temp Range

      High Temp: 25°C / 77°F

    • Rainy Seasons

      Rainfall: 30mm / 1.2in

  • Low season: 01 Nov 2022 - 19 Dec 2022 Rate: US$825

    What to expect

    • Great birding

    • Black rhino sightings

    • Increased tourist volumes

    • Min Temp Range

      Low Temp: 15°C / 59°F

    • Max Temp Range

      High Temp: 27°C / 81°F

    • Rainy Seasons

      Rainfall: 95mm / 3.7in

  • High season: 20 Dec 2022 - 28 Feb 2023 Rate: US$938

    What to expect

    • Great time to see big cats

    • Black rhino sightings

    • Increasing chance of afternoon showers

    • Min Temp Range

      Low Temp: 15°C / 59°F

    • Max Temp Range

      High Temp: 27°C / 81°F

    • Rainy Seasons

      Rainfall: 100mm / 3.9in

  • Low season: 01 Mar 2023 - 31 Mar 2023 Rate: US$825

    What to expect

    • Great birding

    • Black rhino sightings

    • Possible herds of wildebeest starting to move north

    • Good chance of afternoon showers

    • Min Temp Range

      Low Temp: 17°C / 61°F

    • Max Temp Range

      High Temp: 27°C / 81°F

    • Rainy Seasons

      Rainfall: 135mm / 5.3in

  • Green season: 01 Apr 2023 - 31 May 2023 Rate: US$462

    What to expect

    • Big herds of wildebeest moving towards the western corridor
    • Great birding
    • Good chance of rain
    • Min Temp Range

      Low Temp: 15°C / 59°F

    • Max Temp Range

      High Temp: 26°C / 77°F

    • Rainy Seasons

      Rainfall: 141mm / 5.6in


Don't just take our word for it

Dunia is certified by Responsible Tourism Tanzania with the highest level of "Tree".  This certifies a fully integrated responsible tourism approach embedded within daily operations. Dunia was also recognised by TripAdvisor with a 2020 Travelers' Choice Award, reflecting that guests thoroughly enjoyed their experience in camp, leaving very favourable reviews throughout 2020.  

Tripadvisor Travellers Choice Award Logo Grey
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Serengeti National Park wildlife

The Serengeti is home to a remarkable number of species, including over 70 big mammals and more than 500 bird species. The main event is the Great Migration, Africa’s second longest land migration, where around 1.5 million wildebeest, 500,000 Thomson’s gazelles and 250,000 zebras travel in an endless cycle around the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem, following the rains. But there’s much more besides the migration herds. You’ll find the Big 5 (lion — numbering around 3,500 — leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo), as well as other predators such as cheetah, spotted hyena and wild dog (the latter mostly in the south). You might also spot hippo in the river, klipspringer, oribi and Coke’s hartebeest, serval (including unusual black melanistic varieties), bat-eared fox and golden jackal. Then there are super-rare animals to look out for, including the aardwolf and ground pangolin.

  • Lion

    Ruaha National Park Lioness With Cub Down Eric Frank MR
  • Cheetah

    Cheetah In The Grass Serengeti Paul Joynson Hicks HR
  • Bat-eared fox

    Bat Eared Foxshutterstock 58267507 (1)
  • Zebra

  • Golden Jackal

    Golden Jackal Shutterstock 41291833
  • Spotted Hyena

    Spotted Hyena
  • Elephant

    Ruaha 24
  • Buffalo

  • Gazelle

    Grant's Gazelles Shutterstock 214032997
  • Impala

    Impala Serengeti
  • Topi

  • Leopard

    George Turner Ruaha 22
  • Klipspringer

    Klipspringers Serengeti Eric Frank MR
  • Nile Crocodile

    Nile Crocodile
  • Wildebeest


eBook Guide to the Great Migration

Learn everything you need to know about planning the ultimate Great Migration Safari in our eBook guide.  Inside the guide you'll find: a month-by-month summary; a detailed map of how the migration moves; a selection of the best places to stay on safari; and expert tips for an unforgettable safari.

Migration Arrives At Rekero 3


10 Day Tanzania Highlights

From the scenic vistas of the Ngorongoro Crater to the endless plains of the Serengeti and white sandy beaches of Zanzibar, Tanzania offers the ultimate “safari and beach” destination.

The variety of options available for a Tanzanian safari and beach combination can make the decision process quite daunting. In this itinerary, we have aimed to give you two very different options of the same basic routing in order to highlight the differentiating factors affecting the decision process. The first option is based on a driving safari, taking in classic camps in iconic locations, while the second option offers a flying safari alongside an elevated quality of accommodation in similar locations.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best months to visit Dunia to see The Great Migration?

    Dunia is well positioned to experience the migration between March and June, and between November to December each year.

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