A Honeymoon Safari, the perfect honeymoon option

By Wandering Maasai | 30 December 2015

A honeymoon is without doubt the most important holiday you will ever plan. It is no small task to decide on what this once-in-a-lifetime vacation, that will forever be remembered as the trip that heralded the start of your life as a married couple, will be.

Just what your perfect honeymoon looks like will depend completely on your preferences as a couple, but most honeymoons will fall somewhere between quiet and relaxed on the one extreme and wild and adventurous on the other. For many, a mixture of the two seems to be the right combination.

Though there are many honeymoon options and destinations around the world to choose from, there is nothing quite like a Honeymoon Safari. It is the perfect combination of serenity and adventure. The vast African plains, big open skies, romantic candle-lit evenings contrasted by the intensity of wild animals, remote settings and otherworldly experience is unlike anything else.

Planning a Honeymoon Safari is a little different from most other vacations, so to help you get started, here are our Top Five Tips towards ensuring you have the best possible honeymoon.

  1. Leave the planning to someone else

By any measure, a wedding is a glorious but also very stressful occasion. In a perfect world, weddings will plan themselves and everything will fall into place, effortlessly. The flowers won’t be the wrong colour, the bridesmaid’s dress wont suddenly have a stain and the Caterers will not misplace those ruched table decorations that you took months to source. When it comes to your Safari Honeymoon, let someone else do the planning. By all means, do your homework, but just do enough so you can advise your Operator. They are professionals, let them help you put together the perfect honeymoon. The last thing you need is the added stress of having to plan a wedding and a honeymoon.

  1. Make it personal

Yes, let an Operator help you put the itinerary together, but don’t let that prescribe to you what your honeymoon should be like. You’ll find that honeymoons occupy a sort of tourism soft-spot for Operators.
They understand that this is a special once-in-a-lifetime holiday. You’ll be surprised at how accommodating and open they can be to helping you make your time away as memorable as possible. Add personal touches to your itinerary; an intimate supper one night, a private game drive or a boat trip to a remote stretch of beach. Remember this is your holiday!

  1. Protect your privacy

Between you and your Tour Operator you’ve put together the perfect itinerary with just the right mix of alone time and social activity. Problem is, not all the other guests who may be at the Lodge you’ve chosen for your honeymoon are as sensitive to your privacy or may care about it as deeply as you do. It is easy to get swept up in group activities or to feel as if you are letting people down by not joining in. However, it is your responsibility to protect your privacy at all times. Before starting your honeymoon, discuss with your partner what their expectations are for private vs. social activities and brief the staff at your Lodge about this. Be realistic about what the practical limits are to what can be done just for you and what activities will need to be undertaken in groups.

  1. Be adventurous


A Safari Honeymoon offers an incredible variety of activities, excursions and experiences that you can participate in. From hot-air ballooning over the plains to guided walks in the wilderness, cultural tours to local villages and snorkelling or boating outings. Why not let your hair down and do as many things on your honeymoon as you and your partner are comfortable with? Do something that you may never otherwise do and make memories that you can share with your children one day. Most important of all have fun!

  1. Combine bush & beach

As an additional option, Honeymoon Safaris also offer the possibility of combining a bush and beach experience. These packages provide the ultimate relaxation and adventure combination of a wildlife safari with the added experience of a luxurious idyllic island getaway; complete with crystal blue waters, white sandy beaches and romantic beach villa accommodation.

The Perfect Safari Honeymoon Itinerary

While there can never be just one perfect Safari Honeymoon travel plan, Asilia Africa offer an itinerary that allows you to explore the absolute best that Tanzania, the gem of East Africa, has to offer. Choose between a safari only or a bush and beach honeymoon, you will make memories that last forever…

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