All About The Adventure Season

By Asilia Africa News | 19 November 2018

By Britta Foulis – Content Marketing Manager

Asilia Adventures

If you’re up for a serious challenge, on the hunt for something new, or just enticed by the sense of adventure then Asilia Adventures areexactly what you’ve been waiting for.

Specially hand-crafted packages that range between 2- and 7-days offering travellers some of the most exclusive and immersive experiences available in East Africa. Some of the activities included are multi-day walking safaris, off-the-beaten-track fishing excursions, exhilarating horseback rides, and authentic and genuine cultural interactions.

Here’s what you need to know about these unique, and thrilling itineraries.

Asilia Adventuresis an exclusive collection of specially designed packages that range anywhere from two to seven days. These Adventures offer travellers something totally unique, an immersive and rich experience as a part of their trip to Kenya or Tanzania. Asilia Adventures include multi-day walks, horse-riding safaris, fishing, log cabin retreats, authentic cultural interaction, fly camping, and so much more.

Adventure Season

Asilia Adventures are only available within ‘’Adventure Season’’ – this season falls between November until May each year (excluding the festive period). By travelling outside of the usual “peak safari seasons”, you are given a greater availability of specialist guides and much more flexibility to offer these unique activities. Adventure Season also has other benefits – low season rates, exceptional game viewing as well as birding, fewer crowds and ultimately providingoptimum opportunities for any keen photographer!

The mini-expeditions provided by Asilia Adventures are between 2- and 7-days and the addition of these experiential packages offers a further draw to visit East Africa during these quieter months. There is, of course, some rainfall and roads can be a little muddy, but this is all part of the journey, and the rain rarely affects or spoils an entire adventure. We ask Asilia Adventurers to come with a sense of humour, some flexibility, a willing spirit and the excitement to see a side of East Africa that few tourists have had the fortune to experience.

As new opportunities emerge, Asilia continues to evolve, but will always be rooted in one fundamental principle: to offer genuine safaris that make a genuine difference and empower the crucial wilderness areas in East Africa to thrive, benefiting people and nature alike. Asilia Adventures are just one new way for us to continue doing the work we think is so important.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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