Great Migration Live Update – 08 July 2019

By Asilia Africa News | 08 July 2019

Update fromAlex Walker’s Serian

The Great Wildebeest migrationherds in theSerengetiaremoving closer to the Mara River. Due to the good weather, chances ofMara River crossingare very high.

Update fromRanger Safaris

Safari guideFirozdin Rafiq witnessed the herds in theNorthern part of the Serengetion the Bolongonja plains heading towards the Nyamalumbwa area due to the green posture after the heavy recent rains.

Update fromSerengeti Nomad

SerengetiNomad safari guide had a drive from Kogatende to Klein’s via Nyamalumbwa Hills and captured a large herd of the wildebeest moving long the Kuka Hills towards the Kleins.However, the woodlands all the way to the open plains is packed with the wildebeest grazing heading towards theEastern side of the Bologonja Gate.

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